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Project 1917 is a series of events that took place a hundred years ago as described by those involved. It is composed only of diaries, letters, memoirs, newspapers and other documents

When the whole world curses 'treacherous Russia', I will not curse her. How can I curse my own mother? I will be with her to eke out her bitter existence and only alone I will think 'we unhappy people, we unhappy people!' And perhaps no such Russia is needed at all? Is it possible that this is simply an obsolete term, which time will erase? Life is ineradicable. See more

Today is one of the greatest and most joyous days for Russia. What a day!

Feeling rather despondent. Things at the newspaper are not so good, there is a lot of absurd editorial nonsense that would take too long to write about. Stupidity, too. This, together with the censorship, is making the paper very mediocre and childish. Too many sarcastic sketches. But we will continue to fight and not lose hope. I’m as stubborn as a mule in this sense: once I devote myself to something I don’t see anything else, and now, unless I am writing for Russkaya Volya or fighting with Russkaya Volya or talking about Russkaya Volya, I feel I have nothing to live for. It’s absurd!

It would seem that there’s a way of getting drunk without resorting to vodka: exhaustion and autosuggestion. Throughout these days I have been positively, genuinely drunk. I find it rather agreeable.

By my reckoning, 1917 will be my death year.

Age: 45
Lives in: Petrograd, Russian Empire
Occupation: writer, journalist
Interests: photography, gramophones, symbolism, spiritualism, short stories
Job: head of the literary section of the newspaper Russkaya Volya


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