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Project 1917 is a series of events that took place a hundred years ago as described by those involved. It is composed only of diaries, letters, memoirs, newspapers and other documents


I found neither in Trotsky’s speech, nor in the speech of Kollontai, nor in the Bolshevik declaration, nor in the resolution that they proposed now, any explanation for the reason why the Bolsheviks need to withdraw from the Pre-Parliament. See more

You need to have extraordinary strength so that you do not lose heart. I almost lost it. Almost… Kerensky insisted that the Government should leave for Moscow. And with the “Pre-Parliament”, which, under the name of the “Council of the Russian Republic,” opened yesterday at the Mariyinsky Palace. See more

By the Roman theory the barbarian bondmen were meant to be useful. The saint's mysticism was moved at finding them ornamental; and "Non Angli sed Angeli" meant more nearly "Not slaves, but souls." See more

Григорий Петников — поэт-футурист.PetnikovGrigory Petnikov - poet, futurist. & I are at the Tolstoy museum.


The success of the Revolution depends on two or three days' fighting.

One day as I came to Smolny to the outer gate I saw Trotzky and his wife just ahead of me. They were halted by a soldier. Trotzky searched through his pockets, but could find no pass.

“Never mind,” he said finally. “You know me. My name is Trotzky.” See more

Poor Neverdovsky came to see me at the Embassy yesterday. He and his wife escaped from Vyborg disguised and by the skin of their teeth. The massacre of officers lasted two days, and was organized by sailors who came from Helsingfors, and called the local garrison “Black Hundred Reactionaries,” because they had not shed any officer blood. See more

I had a fascinating walk with the most charming General Ruzsky, a man whom I admire not only as the most remarkable Russian commander of this war but also as a general who saved it. See more

A robbery took place at the palace of Grand Duke Andrey Vladimirovich at 27, Galernaya street. Thieves stole all diamond, gold and silver items from the main storage room. The estimated cost of losses goes up to millions of roubles. One of the robbers is under arrest. He identifies himself as a soldier. See more

Old Bennet visited before breakfast: soon he's leaving for England. We picked some flowers for a small bouquet during our walk.

At 8 o'clock we went to Mass. All morning it was snowing; it was not too cold during the day although it went down to one degree. We took a walk until and after breakfast. I read for a long time. I laid down for an hour or so until dinner time. In the evening we played bezik.



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