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Project 1917 is a series of events that took place a hundred years ago as described by those involved. It is composed only of diaries, letters, memoirs, newspapers and other documents


I hope for the best, and for democracy also; let it not come as a fraud as has been the case in certain other countries.

I took a walk in the morning with Marie, Valya, and the guard from the 3rd Infantry Regiment. There was a drizzling rain. At 2 o'clock the weather cleared up, but it was windy. We worked near where we were before, only along the small path. During the evening we glued photographs from our "Life Under Arrest" into our album.

Leaves the post of Head of Provisional Government
Takes up the post of Head of Provisional Government

On the subject of this rotten lawyer, this cockroach at the head of the state - he will ruin everything!

If I am to be bumped off, I ask you to publish my notebook “Marxism and the State” (which got left behind in Stockholm). It is bound and with a blue cover.

I'm afraid that Lenin has gotten himself into a mess. It's not his fault, of course, but it seems that his closest friends are swindlers and scoundrels. They have all been arrested.

It was a moment of hesitation for Ilich. He laid out the arguments for the necessity of going to court. “Grigory and I have decided to go to court. Go and let Kamenev know”, Ilich said to me. At this moment Kamenev was in a nearby flat. I was hurrying out the door when Vladimir Ilich stopped me: “Let us say our farewells; it may be that we will not see each other again”. See more

Paperwork reads - 'USA airmen heroes - on Western Front Americans are taking large share of Allies' air-battle successes'.

Events have moved with dramatic quickness. Kerenski returned from the front last night and, in a stormy meeting of the Ministry, demanded dictatorial powers in order to bring the army back to discipline. The socialists disagreed. Lvov and Tereshchenko did their utmost to reconcile the diverging views. Kerenski left to meet the Mitava Hussars (14th Cavalry Division). While address­ing the men he was handed a telegram telling him of the disaster on the South-West Front, where the Germans have broken through. He took back the telegram to the Ministerial Council and the attitude changed. Lvov has resigned and Kerenski will be P.M. and Minister of War. See more



in Petrograd
in Moscow