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Project 1917 is a series of events that took place a hundred years ago as described by those involved. It is composed only of diaries, letters, memoirs, newspapers and other documents


So much has happened in these three months. Important historical events have occurred that no one can erase. We Russians, or more accurately, Bolsheviks, we are making history, we are clearing a path for the world’s proletariat. And thanks to that, our hearts are constantly buoyant and glad. We walk as though in love with our party and its struggle.

I stayed in London for two weeks and today I’m pressing on. In London, I didn’t waste any time. I met many poets, artists, and essayists. I gave an interview to one weekly literary newspaper on my general view of modern poetry, and came to the aid of one translator in compiling an anthology of contemporary Russian poets. See more

I was received at a government session in the Mariinsky Palace. I made a report; I set forth in detail everything I had, and I said, no longer afraid, sharply, that I had foreseen all of this and warned them about it ahead of time, that I cannot see the actions of the government as anything other than the slow ruin of our armed forces. See more

The politics of accommodating the bourgeoisie, the politics of maneuvering between the revolution and the counterrevolution, is clearly becoming unsustainable. The Provisional Government is decidedly turning toward the path of barefaced counterrevolution. The obligation of the revolutionaries is to band together ever more tightly and to move the revolution forward.

Petrograd. German propaganda is busy in Russia. On the Nevsky Prospect, ten minutes from the Winter Palace, little arguing, expostulating assemblies can be found even as late as 3 o’clock in the morning. They are arguing about the war. Questions why Russia should shed blood in a new offensive to fill the pockets of Anglo-French capitalists can be heard. See more

The members of the All-Russian Congress have proposed a demonstration for the 1st of July in order to display the strength of revolutionary democracy in contrast to the congresses of landowners, capitalists, etc. See more

After the Congress of Soviets adopted the resolution supporting the offensive, I visited a conference of Cossacks and obtained from the regiment committees of the Petrograd garrison an official promise that the garrison would not take advantage of my absence to make a new traitorous attack on the revolution, and then I was escorted to the front where the offensive was to begin. See more

The art of theatre was left far behind the art of literature, painting, music. Painting, through Cubism, futurism has come to color, Suprematism, literature of poetry to letter, music to sound as it is. See more

The borders of contemporary theatre and the contemporary traveling show have been lost in the perceptions of the majority of people, who have begun using the theatre not for any grand cultural mission but simply for the fulfillment of small, bourgeois goals. In this form, the theatre becomes a tool of social evil. The more dangerous it is, the greater the power of its influence.

I spent the whole day choosing books off the bookcase to send to LevSon of Sofia and Lev Tolstoy, future writer and sculptor Lev Tolstoy. to America. There wasn’t much.



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