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Project 1917 is a series of events that took place a hundred years ago as described by those involved. It is composed only of diaries, letters, memoirs, newspapers and other documents

The train went almost to the pier, so that we only had to get off and go down to the ship. Our ship was called "Rus." They began the transfer of our things and it continued all night. Poor Alexis was again resting, God knows how. The pounding and uproar lasted all night and almost overcame me. They left Tiumen about six o'clock.

We came to Perm at 4 o'clock, and I walked with Mr. Kunger along the river. There was a very beautiful valley.

We walked and it began to rain. We had to curtain off all the windows in all the rooms by the order of the commander; this is both stupid and boring.

I was sitting in the room next to the Tsar’s study, giving last orders and waiting for the train to arrive. I heard one of the kids - Alexey, apparently - running loudly in the hall. For the first time I saw the former Empress just as a mother, anxious and crying. See more

The whole family was lodged in a good sleeping car, with guards on both sides. I went to bed at 7:45 [a.m.] and slept lightly until 9:15 [a.m.]. It was very windy and dusty in the car. See more

The palace commandant came for me at noon, and together we went to Alexandrovsky palace. We left by the kitchen and through a basement walked to the palace, the fourth entrance, and Niki’s ante-chamber. From there I entered the cabinet, where I met with Niki, in the presence of Kerensky and an ensign in charge of guard duty. See more

It is the last day of our sojourn in Tsarskoe Selo. The weather became wonderful. During the day we worked in the same place and sawed down four trees and sawed up yesterday's. After dinner, we awaited the time of our leaving, which keeps being put aside. Unexpectedly Kerensky arrived and told us we were leaving.

Today our dear Alexis turned 13 years old. May God give him health, patience, strength of spirit and body in the coming difficult times. We went to Mass and after lunch to the service in which they presented the image of the Virgin. Somehow it was especially warm to offer prayers to Her Holy Image together with all our dear people. See more

Such wonderful weather. During my morning walk, as we were passing by the gate of the path that leads straight to the greenhouse, we noticed one of the sentries asleep in the grass. The officer who was accompanying us went over and took the man's rifle. During the day we chopped down nine trees and sawed up one fir tree. See more

Чудесный день; погуляли с удовольствием. После завтрака узнали от гр. Бенкендорфа, что нас отправляют не в Крым, а в один из дальних губернских городов в трёх или четырёх днях пути на восток! Но куда именно, не говорят, даже комендант не знает. А мы-то все так рассчитывали на долгое пребывание в Ливадии!

It was a wonderful day, and we took a walk with a great deal of pleasure. After lunch I learned that we are being sent, not to the Crimea, but to one of the distant provincial towns three or four days' journey to the east. But where I could not learn. The Palace Commander does not know. See more

Such enjoyable weather. Not windy. We took a good walk. During the day we worked near the small path and sawed up three trees. I read the book, The Maritime Idea in the Russian Land by Lt. Kvashnin-Samarin.

Again it was a startlingly hot day. On account of the stuffy air Alix did not go out. In the rooms it was considerably fresher. We sawed up and split all the fallen and chopped fir trees; it was hard work.

The new temporary government has been formed with Kerensky at the head. We will see if he can do any better [than Prince Lvov]. The first problem consists of the strengthening of the discipline in the army and building up its courage, and also in bringing the position of internal Russia into some sort of order. See more

The day became cool and overcast. During the morning I took my normal walk. During lunch it rained. When we went out at 2:30 it was not raining. We chopped down four fir trees across from yesterday's place. After dinner I read aloud The Poison Belt by C. Doyle.

Age: 49
Lives in: Alexander Palace, Tsarskoye Selo, Russian Empire
Title: Emperor of All the Russias, King of Poland and Grand Duke of Finland
Rank: Colonel
Nickname: Nicky


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