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Project 1917 is a series of events that took place a hundred years ago as described by those involved. It is composed only of diaries, letters, memoirs, newspapers and other documents

At 8 o'clock we went to Mass. All morning it was snowing; it was not too cold during the day although it went down to one degree. We took a walk until and after breakfast. I read for a long time. I laid down for an hour or so until dinner time. In the evening we played bezik.

During the night it went down 9 degrees. The day was clear but fairly cold, especially on the hands. Finally Dir. Gibbs appeared, who told us much of interest about life in Petrograd. At nine o'clock vespers was held for us.

Ясный, холодный день. Узнали о приезде вчера mr. Gibbs, но его ещё не видели, вероятно, потому, что привезенные им вещи и письма не подверглись осмотру! Начал шестой том Лескова.

It was a clear, cold day. I learned of the arrival yesterday of Mr. Gibbs, but I still have not seen him, probably because he brought some things and letters which have not been inspected. I began the sixth volume of Leskov.

On Alexis's name day we did not go to church because of the stubbornness of Pankratov, but at 11 o'clock church services were held here. During the morning a fog came in which lasted until one o'clock. For a long time, we stayed out in the fresh air. During the evening Alexis showed us motion pictures.

We remembered today the holiday of last year which we spent in the Crimea. It was warmer in Tobolsk than it was in the Crimea that day I The day passed as usual. After vespers, Alexis received presents. We ate dinner at 7:30.

The weather was absolutely like August — 13 degrees in the shade but in the sun on the balcony it went up to 29 degrees. The day passed as usual. During the evening I read aloud the story The Robbery by Leskov. 

It was a warm day; about 4 o'clock a short rain fell. Now all of us want to take a walk, but we are obliged to go around town accompanied by the sentries.

The weather was wonderful, warm, and I sat for a while on my balcony. Ksenia went to Yalta, to Kostritsky the dentist. He was allowed to go to Tobolsk, to my poor Niki. Polyakov has been discharged from hospital, but he still looks terribly pale and haggard. He is much weakened.

During the morning a lot of snow fell again. The weather was overcast toward evening. We took a walk at 2 o'clock asviusual. The other day our good Baron Bode arrived with a cargo of some of our things from Tsarskoe Selo.

When it began to get very cold, and the large hall became impossible, we took refuge in the adjoining room, which was Their Maj esties' drawing-room, the only really comfortable apartment in the house. The Czar would often read aloud while the Grand-Duchesses did needlework or played with us. The Czarina regularly played one or two games of beziqueBezique is a French intellectual card game for two. with General Tatichtchef and then took up her work or reclined in her armchair.

The weather suddenly changed. A storm blew in with rain and afterwards it turned to sleet and finally snow. We spent a lot more time walking back and forth in the backyard. The girls got better, but they still had to remain at home.

The weather became quite warm. It was pleasant to walk and work in the backyard. I finished the story Oboidennie and began reading The Islander.

It was a nice clear autumn day; it went like all the other days.

In order to avoid the crowds of people in the streets and at the church we asked for Mass to be held at 8 o'clock. Everything went well; the sentries were arranged along the fence of the village park. The weather became bad — cold and damp — but we still took a lot of walks. They permitted Kola Derevenko to come to see Alexis.

Age: 49
Lives in: Alexander Palace, Tsarskoye Selo, Russian Empire
Title: Emperor of All the Russias, King of Poland and Grand Duke of Finland
Rank: Colonel
Nickname: Nicky


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