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Russkaya volya

Imperialist bourgeois paper, had a stance against Bolsheviks


Project 1917 is a series of events that took place a hundred years ago as described by those involved. It is composed only of diaries, letters, memoirs, newspapers and other documents

A legal project has been developed by the ministry of justice in relation to compensation for losses suffered during the February revolution. See more

Yesterday evening a group of sailors from the crew of the cruiser “Aurora” vandalized the “Freedom” restaurant at 13 Kolomenskaya Street. The sailors shattered several windows, as well as smashing items of crockery and furniture. See more

The Finnish homeowner union has addressed the Senate with a petition to eliminate any Russian names of Finnish streets. For instance: Vladimirskaya, Andreevskaya, Aleksandrovskaya, and others. Moreover, the union demands to wipe out inscriptions in Russian on billboards immediately.

Shoes from America

The temporary government has provided the Ministry with provisions in the amount of 22 800 000 USD. In view of this, the ministry placed its first order for American shoes to the tune of 3 000 000 pairs of shoes and 600 000 poods of leather soles.

Valuables went missing at the Winter Palace

About a month ago it turned out that some valuables, primarily art, went missing from the state rooms of the Winter Palace. Missing pieces included rare sculptures (bronze), china, cameos etc. Despite all searching effort, perpetrators were nowhere to be found. All Palace staff were under suspicion. Suddenly, police got on the tracks of the robbers in the Pavlovsky college. See more

The end of the Women's Battalion

An appalling event took place in the last few days in the Women's Battalion of death. Women volunteers beat up the inaugurator of the Women's Battalion of death, warrant officer Bochkareva, who had delivered a series of reprimands to the volunteers. See more

On the day before yesterday Lvov, member of the State Duma, was released, as he had shown signs of a mental disorder at his interrogation.