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Age: 49
Lives in: Bern, Switzerland
Job: German Embassy in Bern Occupation: diplomat, writer
Title: Count

Project 1917 is a series of events that took place a hundred years ago as described by those involved. It is composed only of diaries, letters, memoirs, newspapers and other documents
General Allenby enters Jerusalem. December 1917

The British took Jerusalem yesterday. It's more of a romantic accomplishment than a political one.

Today, in Brest-Litovsk, I met with Russian and German officials to discuss the conditions of the armistice. A festival for the reds on a green island. See more

Rodin is dead. He was one of my oldest and most respected friends. I ferried him from London to Paris just eight days before the war. “Goodbye, and I shall see you on Wednesday at the countess’” – these were his last words at the Gare du Nord. See more

Lenin seized power in Russia and promised to start peace negotiations at once.

A victory by Tagliamento, 60 000 captives. The news arrived at an unusual time, before lunch. Our first significant victory on the Western front after Marne.

I left for Berlin this morning, passing through Basel. Swiss border patrol was quite rude, despite me having my diplomatic papers. I could feel that they enjoy inconveniencing us, in retaliation to us "eating their bread."

The big victory at Isonzo, 30,000 prisoners, 300 under cover.

Hagenen visited me in the morning. We talked about “the war for French public opinion” in connection to the “unsolvable” question of Alsace and Lotharingia. He says that nothing can be done and that the war will last a very long time. See more

Spent the afternoon in Zurich, the evening - in "Mascotte" and "Bonbonniere".

This evening, I arranged a dinner for 40 artists and art lovers at the “Three Magi”. I had a long chat with Eli. Many people in this circle sympathize with Germany - not only Eli, sometimes combining this with a love of French lifestyle and culture.

Went to an exhibition opening in Basel, returned to Bern in the evening.

This morning I left Frankfurt and headed towards Basel. Basel is rather turbulent. I attended an art gallery where they'll be hosting German art exhibition very soon. In the evening I reached Bern.

In the morning I visited Tomsen in Münster. He says that English air-raids have just started, and will gain full force in 1918, 1919, 1920! In the afternoon I went to Frankfurt. Spent the night in the city, blacked out for air-raid protection.

It's Hindenburg's birthday today. Berlin is full of bright flags, Hindenburg's portraits and giant heads on every corner. In the evening I went to the Headquarters.

Gerhard Mutius was sitting next to me at an operetta at the Berlin theatre. He resigned from his post in Warsaw, but believes that everything will turn out well for us in Poland. If we protect Lithuania, we’ll push Poland into Austrian embrace, but it can only get financial support from us.

Age: 49
Lives in: Bern, Switzerland
Job: German Embassy in Bern Title: Count Occupation: diplomat, writer


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