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Project 1917 is a series of events that took place a hundred years ago as described by those involved. It is composed only of diaries, letters, memoirs, newspapers and other documents

Hagenen visited me in the morning. We talked about “the war for French public opinion” in connection to the “unsolvable” question of Alsace and Lotharingia. He says that nothing can be done and that the war will last a very long time. See more

Spent the afternoon in Zurich, the evening - in "Mascotte" and "Bonbonniere".

This evening, I arranged a dinner for 40 artists and art lovers at the “Three Magi”. I had a long chat with Eli. Many people in this circle sympathize with Germany - not only Eli, sometimes combining this with a love of French lifestyle and culture.

Went to an exhibition opening in Basel, returned to Bern in the evening.

This morning I left Frankfurt and headed towards Basel. Basel is rather turbulent. I attended an art gallery where they'll be hosting German art exhibition very soon. In the evening I reached Bern.

In the morning I visited Tomsen in Münster. He says that English air-raids have just started, and will gain full force in 1918, 1919, 1920! In the afternoon I went to Frankfurt. Spent the night in the city, blacked out for air-raid protection.

It's Hindenburg's birthday today. Berlin is full of bright flags, Hindenburg's portraits and giant heads on every corner. In the evening I went to the Headquarters.

Gerhard Mutius was sitting next to me at an operetta at the Berlin theatre. He resigned from his post in Warsaw, but believes that everything will turn out well for us in Poland. If we protect Lithuania, we’ll push Poland into Austrian embrace, but it can only get financial support from us.

In the afternoon I spoke to Nasse, who has come back from Stockholm, where he has been observing the situation in Russia. He says that the Russian government is afraid of ending the war because of demobilization The government is afraid that the entire army will collapse and overrun the country, observing no order whatsoever - a situation fraught with unforeseeable but catastrophic consequences. See more

Libertas in Imperio. A people can only be free if it is not subjected to pressure from without. This is the complete antipode to the old-fashioned, moss-covered approach whereby external pressure is used to suppress internal freedom. The question is only whether all peoples can simultaneously be free or whether they can only be so in turn. See more

The Command tries to achieve annexation of Courland and Latvia to Prussia, and Lithuania as well if we manage to capture it. Courland and Latvia - as protectorates, Lithuania - as a personal junction. Lithuanian border should be shifted as far into the South as possible so that it can serve as a buffer should Poland launch any offensives. Poland should be as small as possible; perhaps Ukraine can become bigger.

I went to Darmstadt with Frankenstein and Fürstner to set up a new staging of “Palestrina”. There was an opening night of a bad opera “Venice” in Frankfurt tonight. It’s a mix of Strauss, Hofmannstal and Puccini.

Парусник союзников, затопленный немецкой субмариной. 1914—1918 годы

Судя по тому, что сообщают газеты, подводная война крайне эффективна. Каждый день тонет около 300,000 тонн. Несомненно, что если она продолжится, то через несколько месяцев Англия образумится.

It hurts to feel this universal hatred towards Germany.

In the evening a concert of Strauss’s music: Till Eulenspiegel, Salome, A Hero’s Life. A full half of those present were Frenchmen, Englishmen and Russians, so that each half of the audience would have been perfectly within their rights to torpedo the other half.

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