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Project 1917 is a series of events that took place a hundred years ago as described by those involved. It is composed only of diaries, letters, memoirs, newspapers and other documents

Before there were tsarist sycophants, now—there are innumerable sycophants from the rabble, who show up and grab all the tasty, fried pieces and warm spots… One consolation is that all these crooks will have life expectancy of soap bubbles.

The bureaucratic, autocratic rabble of the previous regime has given way to autocratic, crap-gauche-o-cratic rabble of the new regime.

My God! How wonderful it would have been now to move to a neutral place on Earth, away from all the revolutions and this human hell! I think only the Sandwich islands have remained neutral at this point. You can't find peace anywhere else.

The height of “Bolshevism’s” insolence! Plunder and violence committed by the “comrades” have reached the apex of prehistoric savagery—soon, it seems, they will start eating each other. Cossacks and the cavalry are our only protectors from mass manifestations of revolutionary and plundering impulses of “free” Russian citizens! See more

A number of officers, after having reminded a herd of our deserting “free citizens” of the value of proper military order, have observed that the use of lashes and fists can produce the most wondrous results in curing our “people” of the bestialising pyschosis which drives them towards ever more acts of theft and violence. See more

Near Kalush, which was taken by the 8th Army, our soldiers got drunk as pigs on spirits stored in warehouses. It seems likely that there, too, the troops will end up retreating back to their “initial position”! How is it that the Germans have never thought of rolling out barrels of vodka instead of firing missiles? See more

We are expecting possible gas attacks from the Germans; and we have a great lack of gas masks, subject partly to insufficient supply, and partly to negligence of “free citizens” in their safekeeping. Germans retracted inward, abandoning some of their trench lines; they must be preparing a devil’s trap for us!

With a sense of great relief I read about the Cossack Congress that happened in Petrograd; the Cossacks made an oath to strengthen republican Russia and to save it from anarchy and Leninists. Thank you, dear ones, great sons of the Danube. A soothing impression was also  created by the Peasants’ Congress that has decided against embarking on an unauthorised, plundering distribution of land before the convocation of the Constituent Assembly.

An officer who came from Kiev reports that there is a real civil war there, the Ukrainians are self-reliant and fierce, or rather, “self-determined”; they manifest together and they shoot… Kerensky is coming here in a few days. We’re readying ourselves for the onslaught of noise, the shouting, the announcements, and as usual, this onslaught will not be unexpected for the Germans! See more

“Women’s Death Battalions” have been formed, led by Bochkareva –whom Kerensky has already promoted to ensign. See more

Stifling and dusty hell.

We, Russians, pretend to be equal with cultured nations, but we do not want to leave our barbarian skills and habits. How difficult it is for them to stop putting excrements on walls or latrines and keep self-cleanliness, respect the environment and all objects of everyday life!

Kerensky strikes me as a man not with a governmentally oriented mind, but only as a pompous juggler, an excellent speaker at demonstrations. In his meeting with the journalists, after his tour of the South-Western front, he told them, very naively, of a victorious rise in spirits among the soldiers, that everything in the army was going well, and that he found in it "healthy growth"... It is nothing like it in reality!

Life has turned into some kind of a crooked mirror, reflecting everything in a distorted way. They are now drawing up “children congresses.” In the press articles have appeared that second grade gymnasium students (and among them all, without exception, are maximalist anarchists) are issuing resolutions on the change of the regime: See more

The newspapers are riddled with headlines, "A Menacing Moment," "Grave Sin," "On the Edge of Ruin," "Anarchy"—with reports of agricultural disorders and soldier riots. Lenin's Zinovyev, overstraining himself, yells, "Down with all kings, monarchs, bourgeoisie, landowners and other oppressors!" Calls for wide fraternization on all fronts. See more