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Project 1917 is a series of events that took place a hundred years ago as described by those involved. It is composed only of diaries, letters, memoirs, newspapers and other documents

What happiness it is to create in the most picturesque ruins on earth, surrounded by young, genius artists.

Red wine intoxicates us, and Palini invites us to a thousand banquets. Diaghilev relates to Rome like Kandavl to his wife – with love and pride. His house is open to guests, he feeds all with tomato purée and pirozhki. See more

At the end of December, I want to give a fundraising concert at the Paris Opera for the Italian Red Cross. I would like to ask you to make a sketch of the set design for Scarlatti. Prepare the sketch. I will be in Paris in 10 days. My address is Russian Consulate in Madrid.

After the medical examination, the Russian consulate denied me a passport for reasons of poor health. It is absolutely impossible for me to meet you. Come here immediately.

My dear Lyubochka,

I haven't received your postcards in a while. Had it not been for Oksana's message, that you're in Evpatoria and everything is well, I would have been very worried. It's autumn here, I'm working a lot, despite my very sour mood. See more

When will you arrive and why are you not replying? Warm regards.

Dear Lyubochka,

I was very touched by your letter where you share your thoughts about the sea, sand and the sky. I remember our walks when we would admire the nature in so many countries, and I would always be touched by your thoughts. I can’t stop dreaming, can’t stop passionately, continuously thinking about the day when I can hug you again, be with you all, my darlings. And now it is so hard to be away from everyone, and no city, not even Naples or Nice, can calm my biting sorrow.

Dearest Lev, allow me to add a few more lines to yesterday’s telegram. Please come and see me in Morges, and together we will work something out. I am convinced that the remaining questions hanging over the production can be solved only if we work together. See more

In three weeks André Gide will come to see you. Strong artistic and financial support is expected. Rubinstein will write to you. Answer her.

If you want me to write music for Shakespeare, it is absolutely necessary that you come here. Strongly refuse to discuss anything in writing. I'm waiting for you.

Dear Igor, alas, I cannot make my way to Paris until I have finished some urgent work here. I read your telegram to Ida Rubinstein and she said that such letters, no matter how detailed, are always open to interpretation. She bases this fear on her over-the-post experience with Sebastian and Salome (for which she ordered music from Glazunov). See more

I will gladly compose music for you, but I can not decide upon anything until I see you. I can not come to Paris. Telegraph me.

Dearest Lyubochka, how good it would be if we could beat the Germans as soon as possible—we could see each other again, and you and the children could get a bit of sun somewhere in the south of France or in Italy. I dream only of this. I’ve been following the Russian newspapers closely. Who has been sending me Russkoe Slovo? Stay healthy, all of you. Loving kisses to you and the children.

Your Lyova

It is so peaceful and quiet here, despite the war; the sea is blue, and deep, warm, waves of the wind blur Capri in front of my windows…

Dear Gertrude!

I've been working for days on my decorations and costumes and also on two paintings, which were started here. I want to finish them before the dearture. Decorations will be finished right here. Here I have 60 ballerinas. I go to sleep late. I know every girl in Rome. See more

War prevents me from working on my paintings. I have to work on smaller orders that bring me quick money, thereby allowing me to pay the bills.