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Project 1917 is a series of events that took place a hundred years ago as described by those involved. It is composed only of diaries, letters, memoirs, newspapers and other documents

The situation in the city is highly uncertain. No one waiting anymore in expectation of “Kerensky and his forces” … Yesterday, there was terrible bloodshed. They lay siege to the cadet school (the “Red Guard” and the soldiers) and beat the cadets viciously. See more

The same uncertainty. Almost all the newspapers are shut down. Those not yet closed ("Volya naroda"Will of the people"" and "Delo naroda"Business of the people"") are vehemently attacking the “Bolsheviks”… See more

There was a confusing incident. In a crowd, I was mistaken for Kerensky. They started to shout something. It is very worrying in the city. There was confusion everywhere, all along the street, however, the movement is relatively large…

There’s terrible machinegun and artillery fire going on... Word is, they’re firing at the Winter Palace. I’ve been gripped by a kind of numbness… I feel pity for no one and nothing. But surely this cannot be possible! It’s temporary! Surely my heart can’t be forever benumbed! Oh, Lord! Oh, Lord! Save Russia.

Perhaps, this is all an illusion (absolutely everything). 

I'm so alone, my God, so alone!

A more complete happiness cannot be fathomed, than that of a mother’s happiness as she kisses her still barely babbling child. God! God! God! My God! If life had turned out a little differently, how blessed those ways opened to me would be.

People are, essentially, so strange to me - especially the youth.

Sitting before me was a general, his very full-bodied wife (wearing fur) and a cadet (their son, apparently). A beggar boy entered. He began tearfully begging for a cent. No one even moved a finger. Not the general's family, nor anyone else. See more

Having returned from Pesochnaya, I was in Matyushin’s home. I saw his amazing drawings of “large expanses”.

Despite all the horror, which reigns all around, despite the humiliation of the Russian people and the pain of Russia, how happy I am, that I am Russian and Orthodox.

How much more wonderful the Orthodox service is than the Protestant service.

I was counting money after the lecture. I loathed these crumpled notes terribly. I had no idea I had so much hatred towards them. See more

Oh, how I fear that as the waves of democracy crash into the shore, they will be mixed with dirt, with mud, with reeds, and instead of a round, deep, whole wave, there will be a grimy little puddle.

A crisis of power again. On the streets, there have been demonstrations, shooting and utter chaos. It is unclear who is marching, where to, and why. Cars rush by, carrying armed soldiers and machine guns. It is unclear what tomorrow will bring. The Provisional Government is impotent. I am not afraid for Russia. See more

Age: 26
Lives in: Petrograd, Russian Empire
Occupation: Novelist, translator


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