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Project 1917 is a series of events that took place a hundred years ago as described by those involved. It is composed only of diaries, letters, memoirs, newspapers and other documents

In the evening they wanted to ruin the atmosphere by reading newspapers, but they resisted.

Tuesday. Everything is closed down due to the Constituent Assembly day, everything is covered in flags. Serezha went to get papers twice. He was forlorn. He suggested shooting ourselves, but I told him I believed that the strong-willed will win, we just need to be patient. Serezha calmed down a little, painted a little portrait of me in a fur coat and a turban.

In the night we woke up in a state of horror – a gunshot resounded; it thundered with a reverberating echo beneath us. It was three am. Till the morning, we were half dozing, but also listening. My heart was racing. By morning we woke up. As soon as we got up, Serezha set off into town to find out what this business was all about. See more

A horrible cold has started. I am always freezing. In the morning, after the library, I go to the doctor, who tells me a bunch of unpleasant things. At lunch, a baron comes to visit to see if there were any news from mom. After lunch, at dusk, snow falls, and they play Schumann downstairs. We go to the doctor and then to the cinema. 

Depressing conversations about politics. Crimea is seceding. In one week, you can only take a hundred and fifty rubles out of a bank. Soon no one will need paintings. What to do. The allies are threatening us. I cried.

In the evening we’ll have pancakes.

Last night we were burning the candle at both ends, and this morning woke with a frightful headache. We spent the entire day on the street, leaning on each other for support and crawling our way through the city. Our beating headaches spoiled most of the day for us, but our spirits restored towards the evening, and we ordered a samovar and food to our room in preparation for Leonid’s visit, who spent the whole evening with us and taught us how to play Japanese Bridge.