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Project 1917 is a series of events that took place a hundred years ago as described by those involved. It is composed only of diaries, letters, memoirs, newspapers and other documents

All those who participated in the organization and leadership of yesterday’s armed demonstration against government authorities and all those who supported and encouraged it are to be arrested and assigned legal responsibility for treason against their homeland and betrayal of the revolution.

Every citizen of the Russian state is guaranteed freedom of conscience. Correspondingly, a citizen’s enjoyment of civil and political rights does not depend on his religious confession, and no one can be persecuted or restricted in any of his rights due to his persuasion in matters of faith.

The politics of accommodating the bourgeoisie, the politics of maneuvering between the revolution and the counterrevolution, is clearly becoming unsustainable. The Provisional Government is decidedly turning toward the path of barefaced counterrevolution. The obligation of the revolutionaries is to band together ever more tightly and to move the revolution forward.

I consider the decree of the committee of delegates to deprive officers of their weapons shameful, to the military command, to the officers, the navy and to myself personally. I believe that neither I nor any other officer has done anything that would cast doubts on their sincerity, or suggest the existence of any motives besides their desire to serve Russia’s armed forces. See more

As the spokesman for the meaning and will of revolutionary democracy, the coalition Provisional Government must set before itself the tasks of the war and its consequences and the tasks of the planned organization of the national economy and labor, which are the results of the collapsed old regime’s failure. See more

The Provisional Government has resolved:

  1. To abolish the death penalty.
  2. In all instances where current civil, military and naval criminal laws prescribe the death penalty as punishment for criminal acts, it shall be replaced by a forced labour term of definite or indefinite duration.
  3. This decree also encompasses court sentences imposed prior to its promulgation and as yet not carried out.

To declare the abdicated Emperor and his consort under arrest and to deliver the former Emperor to Tsarskoe Selo.

Citizens of the Russian state!

A great thing has happened. The powerful surge of the Russian people has deposed the old regime. A new, free Russia was born. The great transformation concludes long years of struggle.  The government believes that the spirit of great patriotism that became apparent in the struggle of the people with the old regime, will inspire our valiant soldiers on the battlefield. The government, in its turn, will go to great lengths to equip our army with all that is necessary in order to conclude the war with victory.

Citizens! In our current capacity, the cabinet will adhere to the following principles:

1.Full and immediate amnesty in all cases, religious and political, including terrorist attacks, military revolts and agrarian crimes, and so on. See more


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