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Project 1917 is a series of events that took place a hundred years ago as described by those involved. It is composed only of diaries, letters, memoirs, newspapers and other documents

My life was taking shape and I was surrounded by a wide circle of friends from Petrograd. But I was harrowed by the thought that the Grand Duke Serge Mikhailovitch was still exposed to the dangers of the capital. See more

By luck I found a magnificent villa belonging to Beliaievsky, an engineer, charmingly furnished and having a little garden. My sister and Baron Zeddeler settled there with me. I immediately engaged a cook and organised my household. See more

VladimirovPeter Vladimirov - dancer, the last partner of Matilda Kshessinskaya came over to see me from Sotchi, where he was following a cure. While he was staying with me he fell off a horse; he suffered a broken nose and severe bruises, and was confined to his room for a long time.

It soon became clear that there was no point in even thinking of returning to Petrograd. My hopes of recovering my home vanished daily. Moreover, in view of the general situation, it was better to spend the winter in Kislovodsk. So I started to look for a new house.

The Grand Duke Boris Wladimirovitch and one of his best friends, Leon Mantachev, an oil magnate, also arrived from Petersburg.

We met Fokine and his wife, who were also in Kislovodsk, and who shared our hopes and fears. There was only one subject of conversation: Should we stay or leave? What was going to happen? What should we do?

On a daily basis, a figure would appear on the balcony of Kschesinskaya’s house, wave its hands around, and scream in a husky voice. After having screamed for a couple of hours, it would go inside to warm up. A different figure would replace it. All of these figures carried the shared title “Lenin.”

Passing by my house, I saw Kollontai walking in my ermine coat. As I was told, she also used some of my other things, but I do not know if that is true.

The calmer it got, the more painfully I felt that there was nothing more of my own, neither my home nor my things, but other had it even worse.

As I was passing through Petrograd, I casually stopped at the palace of Kshesinskaya. It was interesting, after all, to visit the apartments of the Tsar’s former mistress, which are now occupied by the Bolsheviks, who send panic throughout all of Petrograd. And frankly, I wanted to meet Lenin himself. See more

My faithful DjibiThe beloved dog of Mathilde Kschessinska died after a visit to Tsarskoie Selo. This made me very sad. He had shared in our joys and sorrows; and I still remember one night during the terrible time we had just been through when, exhausted and near to nervous prostration, I flung myself weeping on my bed. Djibi had sprung towards me, with an expression of human compassion, whimpering that he could not comfort me. See more

Kschessinsky’s house on the Kamenny Prospekt has been taken over by a gang, an insignificant gang of communists with Lenin at their head, who appear on the terrace every morning to inspire the people to steal from and murder the bourgeois. See more

Many thought, probably the participants themselves, that with the disappearance of Rasputin everything would improve; the evil surrounding the throne would be removed, the malevolent forces on the Emperor would subside, Russia would finally breathe again, and the glory days would arrive. But oh, how everyone was mistaken.  Maybe some of it counted. But from that very moment, everything began to roll towards the fateful conclusion.

One day I was visited by Semion Nicolaievitch Rogov, the balleto- mane and journalist, whom I knew well. He had been called up and drafted to the reserve battalion of the Kexholm Regiment, part of the Guard; he wore the uniform and mixed constantly with the soldiers. He was therefore perfectly informed on the state of mind prevailing in the barracks and on what went on there. See more

Michel Alexandrovitch Stakhovitch, an admirer and great friend, appointed Governor-General of Finland by the Provisional Government, came to assure me that he was ready to do anything to improve my position.

Age: 45
Lives in: Petrograd, Russian Empire
Occupation: ballet dancer
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