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Project 1917 is a series of events that took place a hundred years ago as described by those involved. It is composed only of diaries, letters, memoirs, newspapers and other documents

From the very first minutes, as soon as the news of the February Revolution came, Ilyich began to rush to Russia. It is necessary to go illegally, there are no legal ways. But how?Ilyich couldn’t sleep from the moment the news of the revolution came, and at night the most improbable of his plans were built. You can fly on an airplane. But this could only be conjured up in a sleepless, hallucinating state of mind. When it was said out loud, the impossibility, the unreality of this plan became clear. It is necessary to get a passport of some foreigner from a neutral country, a Swede is the best: a Swede will cause less suspicion. See more

Ilyich has not slept for days. This night he said: “You know, I can go with a passport of a mute Swede”. I laughed. “It is not going to work; you might start speaking in your sleep. If you dream of cadets, you will start mumbling: bastards, bastards. Everyone will find out that you are not a Swede.” In any case, the plan of travelling with a passport of some mute Swede was more realistic than flying over in some aeroplane. Ilyich wrote about his plan to Ganetsky in Sweden.

When Ilyich was about to head off to the library and I’d finished clearing away the dishes, Bronski came in, saying, “What, you don’t know what’s happened?! There’s a revolution in Russia!” And he told us about the latest reports published in the special editions of the newspapers. After he’d left, we went down to the lake, on whose shore all the newspapers were posted up as soon as they came out. We read the reports several times. A revolution really had happened in Russia. Ilych was all activity. See more

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