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Project 1917 is a series of events that took place a hundred years ago as described by those involved. It is composed only of diaries, letters, memoirs, newspapers and other documents

After the medical examination, the Russian consulate denied me a passport for reasons of poor health. It is absolutely impossible for me to meet you. Come here immediately.

When will you arrive and why are you not replying? Warm regards.

I continued my work on the last scene of Les Noces throughout the summer, and finished a piece for the pianola. In an effort, perhaps, to avoid losing ground on my predecessors, who, on their return from Spain, would nail down their impressions in pieces inspired by Spanish music, I too indulged myself and paid tribute to this tradition.     See more

Dearest Lev, allow me to add a few more lines to yesterday’s telegram. Please come and see me in Morges, and together we will work something out. I am convinced that the remaining questions hanging over the production can be solved only if we work together. See more

I am absolutely broke!! I would be most grateful if you could see your way to sending me those 300 francs you still owe me. See more

Where you are, you imagine that we are living in a kingdom of freedom, but in actual fact, it is a kingdom of nonsense without freedom, or at any rate, without any effective sense of freedom. My dear friend, it is very bad here and very bleak, and Akitsa and I envy you more than ever, for being too far away to see this nightmare in its entirety. See more

In three weeks André Gide will come to see you. Strong artistic and financial support is expected. Rubinstein will write to you. Answer her.

If you want me to write music for Shakespeare, it is absolutely necessary that you come here. Strongly refuse to discuss anything in writing. I'm waiting for you.

Dear Igor, alas, I cannot make my way to Paris until I have finished some urgent work here. I read your telegram to Ida Rubinstein and she said that such letters, no matter how detailed, are always open to interpretation. She bases this fear on her over-the-post experience with Sebastian and Salome (for which she ordered music from Glazunov). See more

I will gladly compose music for you, but I can not decide upon anything until I see you. I can not come to Paris. Telegraph me.

During this visit to Paris, Stravinsky introduced me to his great friend Maurice Ravel. The meeting took place in his studio, on the outskirts of Paris. The thirty-year-old Ravel, who has already written the music to the ballet “Daphnis and Chloe” was a smart and erudite interlocutor. For a long time we discussed the idea, suggested to me by the painting of Robert Delaunay, of showing a football match by means of choreography. See more

Before the war I have seen one of Diaghilev’s ballets that caused a scandal—Stravinsky’s “Rite of Spring.” But I have never seen anything like what happened at the “Parade.” People, sitting in the orchestra, rushed towards the stage, and angrily screamed, “Curtain!” See more

I will never forget an adventure which happened to me on the border of Chiasso. I was travelling with a portrait of myself, which had been painted by Picasso not long before that. When the military authorities searched my luggage, they discovered the painting and refused to let it through. I was asked what the painting was, and when I replied that this was my portrait painted by a famous artist, they did not believe me: "This is not a portrait, but a plan", - they said. See more

I was expecting Naples to greet me with bright skies and azure waters, but have found in their place only grey clouds, including one, small and immobile, hanging threateningly over Vesuvius. I used my leisure time to go sightseeing, more often than not in Picasso’s company. We were particularly struck by the aquarium, and spent many long hours there. See more

Diagilev went to Rome where the "Russian ballet" season is set to begin. He asked me to come and conduct The Firebird and Fireworks, for which he hired the Italian futurist Balla to do a special kind of illustrative set with light effects. I went to Rome. See more