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Project 1917 is a series of events that took place a hundred years ago as described by those involved. It is composed only of diaries, letters, memoirs, newspapers and other documents

Civil servants in state and social organizations who sabotage the work in the most important areas of people’s lives are declared enemies of the people. Their names from now on will be published in all Soviet publications, and lists of enemies of the people will be hung in all public spaces.

Military-Revolutionary committee:

Kerensky’s gang has begun artillery fire. Our artillery responded and made the opponent to stop. Cossacks began the offensive. Deadly fire from sailors, Red Army troops and soldiers forced the Cossacks to retreat. Our armored cars crashed into enemy lines. The enemy is running. Our troops are pursuing them. An order was issued for Kerensky’s arrest.

Soldiers of the Petrograd garrison!

The struggle for freedom has reached a critical point. A meeting of the Petrograd garrison was held to discuss the defense of Petrograd and the revolution against an onslaught of counterrevolutionary forces. See more

MRC commissars Vladimir Antonov-Ovseenko and Grigory Chudnovsky encounter Head of the Winter Palace security Palchinsky, who is immediately arrested.

We took over the Winter Palace at 2.04 a.m. Six people of the Pavlovsky regiment were killed.

Antonov pronounced everyone arrested in the name of the MRC and started making a list of everyone present. Minister Konovalov signed his name first, then Kishkin and others. Kerensky was not in the palace.

Military Revolutionary Committee commissars entered the Mariyinsky Palace and ordered the pre-parliament Chair Nikolai Avksentyev to stop working immediately. All pre-parliament members familiarized themselves with the order.

The protection of revolutionary order in the districts is concentrated in the hands of the local Soviets. All local police are put under the disposal of these commissioners. There should be a particular protection of the liquor warehouses.   

Dashkevich, a representative of the MRC, manages to get inside the Winter Palace, calling on the defenders of the palace to surrender.

Commissar Chudnovsky of the MRC is arrested by the sentries of the Winter Palace and once inside, tries to persuade the Junkers to put an end to their opposition.

Commander-in-Chief of the Northern front Vladimir Cheremisov receives the message that the headquarters building is occupied by soldiers loyal to the MRC.

In Smolny, the meeting of the Petrograd Soviet continues. Vladimir Antonov-Ovseenko delivered a report about the recent work of the Military Revolutionary Committee.

In the interests of defending the revolution and its achievements against counter-revolutionary incursions, commissars have been appointed by us to military units and strategic locales in the capital and its environs. Orders and directives sent to these locales must be executed only with the approval of authorized commissars. Commissars, as representatives of the Soviet, are inviolable. All citizens are invited to give them the support of every possible kind.

On being shown the government warrant, the print worker responsible for issuing the newspaper, N Galperin, refuses to submit without the approval of the Military Revolutionary Committee. The print plates are smashed, and the issue of the paper for the 24th October is confiscated. Policeman guard the print works to prevent the Bolsheviks from entering.

Early in the morning, two workers, a man, and a woman, panting after their run from the party printing-works, bumped into me on the staircase. They said that if the MRC provides them with defense against the cadets, they will publish the paper.