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Project 1917 is a series of events that took place a hundred years ago as described by those involved. It is composed only of diaries, letters, memoirs, newspapers and other documents

Our commissar Vershinin and Zhorzheliani returned from Sevastopol and told us a few things, including the fact that the Winter Palace has been half destroyed and looted, with the chambers of my beloved Nicky and Alika particularly afflicted by the latter – what infamy! See more

As before, I have been getting up late, but every morning, I am visited by my dear children and grandchildren. Later I went out onto my balcony again. The weather is beautiful, but nothing brings me joy anymore. I suddenly felt ill and for some reason I was sick. See more

Мы получили печальное известие о том, что военный корабль «Слава» затонул в районе Моонзунда, но, к счастью, большинство членов экипажа спаслись. На борту «Петропавловска» произошел мятеж, и четырех офицеров убили самым подлым образом, сперва подвергнув их пыткам! Никак не верится, что эти добронравные матросы вдруг стали настоящими чудовищами, хуже зверей!

It was 17 degrees outside, so I could stay for a bit longer on my balcony. The dentist, Kostritskiy, paid me a visit to say farewell before his trip to Tobol’sk. See more

The weather was wonderful, warm, and I sat for a while on my balcony. Ksenia went to Yalta, to Kostritsky the dentist. He was allowed to go to Tobolsk, to my poor Niki. Polyakov has been discharged from hospital, but he still looks terribly pale and haggard. He is much weakened.

I feel my strength wilting all the same, I’ve weakened considerably. My only distraction are the visits from Doctor Meriamson, who always brings some news. See more

Olga received letters from little Olga and Tatiana describing their life in Tobolsk. Everything that is happening to them is scary, horrible, scandalous. We got a chance to pass our letters to Petrograd with Xenia's butler who left today.

In the last few days I learned that my mother had pneumonia, and went through it standing upright, and then contracted an inflammation in her middle ear. She is feeling better now, thank God. Since Kornilov’s speech they have been under even tougher arrest.

Thankfully, the beautiful weather of the past few days has returned, though I still feel myself to be “good for nothing,” as they say in English. See more

I cannot describe the extent to which I long for my sweet little dog. It seems to have become more unbearable! It is very hot, I have not left the house at all and do not feel like doing anything.

My beautiful Chifu died last night. What grief! Both my Cossaks were very compassionate, they brought her to me in a basket. We buried my beautiful Chifu after tea.

It is the birthday of dear Mama and our Iferie. The weather was delightful and hot. During the day we cut down three small trees and sawed them up and another two older ones which had fallen. The work was hard. At six o'clock we went to services and vespers. I read aloud as usual. Yesterday evening Kerensky suddenly came from the city and stopped in person. See more

I've got horrible back pain and I am afraid to make a move. Took a hot bath, a salipyrine, I hope it will help. The weather is very hot and quiet. A comission arrived to check on us and on our inspectors. Well, we'll see if it gets better or maybe even worse: lately we are facing constant problems and holdbacks every time we want to go somewhere.

It got warmer, the wind spent itself a little. I'm feeling rather bad. How much humiliation do we endure from our inspectors! How much trouble do they cause! I went for a little walk with my daughters in the garden. A doctor arrived right after breakfast to take a look at the boys. See more

As usual, I went to church. The time has been changed—all the clocks have been shifted one hour forward. I slept badly last night thanks to those vile mosquitoes—one more bit of sheer torture on top of all my other miseries and misfortunes.

Age: 69
Lives in: Ai-Todor, Crimea, Russian Empire
Nickname: Minnie
Title: Empress of Russia


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