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Project 1917 is a series of events that took place a hundred years ago as described by those involved. It is composed only of diaries, letters, memoirs, newspapers and other documents

Today our dear Alexis turned 13 years old. May God give him health, patience, strength of spirit and body in the coming difficult times. We went to Mass and after lunch to the service in which they presented the image of the Virgin. Somehow it was especially warm to offer prayers to Her Holy Image together with all our dear people.

She was brought in and taken out across the garden by the guards of the Third Regiment. We worked for a while in the clearing. We chopped down a fir tree and began to saw another in two. It was very hot. Everything is packed; now only the pictures on the walls remain. I saw Benckendorf until dinner, and in the evening I saw the commander. 

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I know you are crazily busy, but I beg you: I have heard on good authority that if our son applies for a medical degree he will be freed from the draft, so please try to sort this out. I’m still stuck in St Petersburg, my sojourn in part extended by the wonderful tropical weather. See more

Wounded during our summer offensive, I lay in a hospital train, boiling in the heat, raving from my wounds, rocking in my hammock and surrounded by strange apparitions. At night my fever led me across the thickly forested floodplains of the river Prut between Yassa and Ungena and revealed to me the land of my childhood and, unbeknownst to my childhood self, my ancestors. See more

The situation has fundamentally changed. Our tactics should change accordingly. Previously we stood for a peaceful transfer of power to the Soviets. Now the resolutions of the Soviets are being ignored. Now, the existing dictatorship must be overthrown before power can be taken. The overthrow of the imperialist dictatorship of the bourgeoise - this should now be the next slogan of the party.

When Joseph Vissarionovich came in again, my mother resolutely stated:
"There are no signs of this house being watched. You can move in with us. You can rest, sleep, live a bit more normally."
So Joseph Vissarionovich stayed with us. See more

Reading a painting is necessary, it is needed; paintings need to be opened widely, as they are keys to new doors, and so that when opening these doors our consciousness does not come across something unexpected, we need to read paintings.