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Age: 44
Профессия: historian

Project 1917 is a series of events that took place a hundred years ago as described by those involved. It is composed only of diaries, letters, memoirs, newspapers and other documents

Today in the newspapers: the dispatch of sailors to guard Nicholas II, and the apparent failure of peace talks. It smells like they are going to bump Nicholas II off, like Dukhonin, which will help the regeneration of the monarchic principle.

The whole day I have not lifted a finger. I regret the wasted time, but I have no energy for any work.

Italian defeat is turning into a catastrophe. The same thing that had happened to us, now happened to them: propaganda damaged the discipline, and some units fled, letting the enemy pass. Our only hope now is England, France, and the USA. 

Esel has been taken; the Germans are preparing to move across to the mainland; the relocation of Petrograd to Moscow is becoming ever more likely and imminent, as anarchy grows ever more widespread; there’s a strike underway in Moscow’s hospitals, and at in the University Catherine Hospital, Professor Popov was carried out in a wheelbarrow. See more

The Democratic Conference is undeniably and irreversibly drowning in words. Things are getting worse and worse everywhere. Today, I saw a brilliant image of Mr. Kerensky wearing an imperial crown—Kerensky was on a greeting card, and the crown had been drawn in by hand. See more

Haven’t received any news today, any opinions, other than that the Democratic Conference has opened with a Socialist Revolutionary hitting a Bolshevik in the face. In the evening there was a tenant meeting to elect the house committee - I almost became Chair, but, thankfully, didn’t.

The “Provisional Government” has discontinued classes in all institutions of higher education in both capitals, i.e. in 75% of Russia’s institutions of higher education. Perhaps this is because “student housing” canceled these classes? See more

Age: 44
Профессия: historian


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