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Project 1917 is a series of events that took place a hundred years ago as described by those involved. It is composed only of diaries, letters, memoirs, newspapers and other documents

Today in the newspapers: the dispatch of sailors to guard Nicholas II, and the apparent failure of peace talks. It smells like they are going to bump Nicholas II off, like Dukhonin, which will help the regeneration of the monarchic principle.

I sit alone, slightly drunk. The wine returns my courage to me, sweet murk of life’s sleep, sensuality is a sense of smell and so forth, it is not so simple, there is some essence of earthly existence. In front of me there is a bottle of Nº24 spare. See more

The garrison of Moghilev rose and seized the city, arresting Dukhonin and the Army Committee, and going out with victorious red banners to meet the new Supreme Commander. Krylenko entered Moghilev next morning, to find a howling mob gathered about the railway-car in which Dukhonin had been imprisoned. See more

This morning, Colonel of the General Staff Kusonsky arrived (from Headquarters) and reported to General KornilovCommander in Chief of the Petrograd command - from 18 March 1917, “In four hours Krylenko will enter Mogilyov, which will be surrendered without a fight. General Dukhonin has ordered you to report that all prisoners must immediately leave Bykhov.”

It continues. Lenin has deposed the Commander-in-Chief Dukhonin. Appointed an ensign, Krylenko (com. Abram). It is not known if Dukhonin agreed to be deposed. A voluntary “truce” has been announced. Germany, however, does not give a damn. Next: they’ve appropriated all gold currency in Moscow.

The full text of our talks with Dukhonin has been printed, so I can confine myself to a few remarks. It was clear to us that we were dealing with an opponent of the people's will and an enemy of the revolution. See more

In the name of the Government of the Russian Republic, on behalf of the Council of People’s Commissars, we dismiss Dukhonin from your post for refusing to obey government orders and for conduct that entails untold hardships for the working people of all countries and especially the armies. See more

The situation grows more difficult with every minute… Only the central part of the city, including the various headquarters of the Winter Palace, is in government's hands. The government forces: two and a half cadet schools and the battalion of the Mikhailovsky Institute, and two armored cars. These forces are enough to hold for 48 hours, but not longer, and there is no way to take any active measures without support from the outside. On the streets it is seemingly calm, the flow of traffic continues, but things are menacing with the food supply. The Provisional Government is permanently in session.

I think that by tomorrow, some troop trains should certainly have arrived. I do not understand why the government forces are so pitiable. Today I received an assurance of complete loyalty from the Commissar of the Cossack troops. I think that we will be able to find adequate forces - it is only essential to organize everything properly, and in due course, the troops from the front will start arriving.