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Project 1917 is a series of events that took place a hundred years ago as described by those involved. It is composed only of diaries, letters, memoirs, newspapers and other documents

The revolution is expanding in breadth and depth, capturing new spheres, invading industry, agriculture and distribution, raising the question of whether it can take complete power. The province is at the head of the movement. If Petrograd was ahead in the beginning of the revolution, now it is starting to lag behind. This creates the impression that Executive Committee of Petrograd have already reached a certain point and now they are trying to stop. See more

Who should we consider our government, the Soviet of Workers’ and Soldiers’ Deputies or the Provisional Government? It is clear, that workers and soldiers should support exclusively those workers’ and soldiers’ deputies who have been elected by them to the Soviet.

Через головы хищников капитала, через головы их грабительских правительств протянем руку рабочим всех стран, провозгласив:

Да здравствует Первое мая!
Да здравствует братство народов!
Да здравствует социалистическая революция!

Give the land to the peasants!

The politics of waiting, of deferring adecisions until the Constituent Assembly, the politics of a “temporary” abandonment of expropriation recommended by the Populists, Trudoviks and Mensheviks, the politics of manoeuvring between classes (so as not to offend anybody!) and of shameful inaction See more

This situation cannot continue indefinitely. The Revolution is deepening. From political questions they will transition into social. We, though, need to bide our time until the circumstances reveal the emptiness of the provisional government, and to be ready when events will take shape.

If Kerensky is to be believed, Miliukov has not been expressing the opinion of the Provisional Government on the crucial question of the aim of the present war. In other words, in declaring to the whole world that the war is an expansionist war, the Foreign Minister Miliukov has gone not only against the will of the Russian people, but also against the Provisional Government, of which he is a member. Under the Tsarist regime, Miliukov declared that ministers are accountable to the people. See more

In Petrograd

Fraternal greetings. We leave for Petrograd today. Kamenev, Muranov, Stalin.

Age: 37
Occupation: Revolutionary


in Petrograd
in Moscow