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Project 1917 is a series of events that took place a hundred years ago as described by those involved. It is composed only of diaries, letters, memoirs, newspapers and other documents

In connection with the KornilovCommander in Chief of the Petrograd command - from 18 March 1917 conspiracy recently there has been a massive departure of foreigners from Russia. The mercenaries of the bourgeois press try to relate this phenomenon with the “rumours of peace” or even “the triumph of Bolshevism” in St.Petersburg and Moscow. See more

Finally, we have a “new” (completely new!) government of five. Kerensky, Tereschenko, Verkhovskiy, Verderevskiy, and Nikitin, the “Directorate” of five—this is the “new” power, “elected” by Kerensky, approved by Kerensky, accountable to Kerensky and independent from workers, peasants, and soldiers.

We need to discard the outmoded perception that only Europe can show us the way. There is dogmatic Marxism and creative Marxism. I stand on the ground of the latter.

The situation has fundamentally changed. Our tactics should change accordingly. Previously we stood for a peaceful transfer of power to the Soviets. Now the resolutions of the Soviets are being ignored. Now, the existing dictatorship must be overthrown before power can be taken. The overthrow of the imperialist dictatorship of the bourgeoise - this should now be the next slogan of the party.

When Joseph Vissarionovich came in again, my mother resolutely stated:
"There are no signs of this house being watched. You can move in with us. You can rest, sleep, live a bit more normally."
So Joseph Vissarionovich stayed with us. See more

Stalin’s move over to our apartment coincided with the opening of the Sixth Party Congress, which was taking place in semi-legal circumstances. Kerensky’s agents were on the trail of the congress participants, keeping particularly close tabs on members of the Central Committee. Stalin, who was delivering a report at the congress, had to be on his guard all the time, which is why he didn’t spend his nights at the apartment and would only pop in briefly, arriving at inopportune moments for a quick rest. See more

The victory of counter-revolution is fragile and short-lived. Our future lies with a new revolution. Only the rule of the people can give peasants their land, fix the country’s economy and secure the peace that all the suffering people of Europe need so much.

It was a moment of hesitation for Ilich. He laid out the arguments for the necessity of going to court. “Grigory and I have decided to go to court. Go and let Kamenev know”, Ilich said to me. At this moment Kamenev was in a nearby flat. I was hurrying out the door when Vladimir Ilich stopped me: “Let us say our farewells; it may be that we will not see each other again”. See more

May tomorrow, a day of peaceful demonstration, become the day of revolutionary Petrograd’s bitter protest against the resurgence of oppression and tyranny! Tomorrow, may victorious banners unfurl and strike fear into the enemies of liberty and socialism!

The politics of accommodating the bourgeoisie, the politics of maneuvering between the revolution and the counterrevolution, is clearly becoming unsustainable. The Provisional Government is decidedly turning toward the path of barefaced counterrevolution. The obligation of the revolutionaries is to band together ever more tightly and to move the revolution forward.

Our duty is to organise a demonstration. At the sight of armed soldiers, the bourgeoisie will run and hide.

The revolution is expanding in breadth and depth, capturing new spheres, invading industry, agriculture and distribution, raising the question of whether it can take complete power. The province is at the head of the movement. If Petrograd was ahead in the beginning of the revolution, now it is starting to lag behind. This creates the impression that Executive Committee of Petrograd have already reached a certain point and now they are trying to stop. See more

Who should we consider our government, the Soviet of Workers’ and Soldiers’ Deputies or the Provisional Government? It is clear, that workers and soldiers should support exclusively those workers’ and soldiers’ deputies who have been elected by them to the Soviet.

Через головы хищников капитала, через головы их грабительских правительств протянем руку рабочим всех стран, провозгласив:

Да здравствует Первое мая!
Да здравствует братство народов!
Да здравствует социалистическая революция!

Age: 37
Lives in: Petrograd, Russian Empire
Occupation: revolutionary


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