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Project 1917 is a series of events that took place a hundred years ago as described by those involved. It is composed only of diaries, letters, memoirs, newspapers and other documents

Meanwhile our life gradually settled down along definite lines, and by mobilising all our resources we managed to resume the education of the Czarevitch and two youngest Grand-Duchesses. The lessons began at nine o'clock, and were broken off from eleven to twelve for a walk, which was always shared by the Czar. See more

On the following day we passed the native village of Rasputin, and the family, gathered on the deck, were able to observe the house of the staretz, which stood out clearly from among the isbas. See more

What reasons had the Council of Mnisters for transporting the Imperial family to Tobolsk? It is dificult to say definitely. When Kerensky told the Czar of the proposed transfer he explained the necessity by saying that the Provisional Government had resolved to take energetic measures against the Bolsheviks; See more

We were told that we should take warm clothes. Hence, we are not directed to the south. A big disappointment.

I found out that the Provisional Government decided to transport the Royal family. Destination is kept in a secret. We all hope it will be Crimea.

Nothing new in our captivity. The only distraction is going out. It is very hot, and for some days Alexis Nikolaevitch has been bathing in the pond round the children's island. It is a great joy to him.

News from the front are not good. The offensive that has started out so successfuly is turning into a failure for the Russians.

Молебен по случаю военных событий, предвещающих, как кажется, большую победу. Государь, сияющий, приносит Алексею НиколаевичуНаследник российского престола вечерние газеты и читает ему официальные сообщения.

Дни проходят за днями без всяких перемен, в уроках и прогулках. Государь рассказал мне сегодня забавный случай, нарушившей однообразие нашего заключения. Вчера вечером он читал вслух в красной зале, где находились Государыня и Великие Княжны. Вдруг около одиннадцати часов входит весьма смущенный лакей и докладывает, что начальник караула желает быть немедленно принятым Государем. See more

After the disease Grand Duchesses shaved their heads because their hair fell out heavily; When they went out into the garden, they put on hats made to hide the lack of hair. At the moment when I was going to take pictures of them, they quickly took off their hats on the sign of Olga Nikolaevna. See more

We finished our kitchen garden some time ago and it is now in splendid condition. We have every imaginable kind of vegetable, and five hundred cabbages. The servants, too, have made a garden on their side of the palace, where they can cultivate what they like. We went to help them dig it — the Czar too. To occupy our leisure now that we have finished our work on the garden, we have asked and obtained permission to cut down the dead trees in the park, so we go from place to place, followed by a guard which moves when we move. We are beginning to be quite skilful woodcutters. This will give us a supply of wood for next winter.

April 13th, Good Friday.—In the evening the whole family went to Confession.

Monday, April 9th.—I learn that Kerensky had intended at first to isolate the Czarina, but it was pointed out to him that it would be inhuman to separate a mother from her sick children; it was then that he decided to isolate the Czar.

After the service, Kerensky announced to his Majesty that he was obliged to separate him from her Majesty the Empress, and that their Highnesses should live apart, and see each other only at the dining table, on condition that they speak Russian at all times. They are also allowed to take tea together, but only in the company of an officer, as the servants are not present at these times. A little later the Empress came to me, greatly agitated, and said:  See more

Sunday, April 8th.—After Mass, Kerensky announced to the Czar that he was obliged to separate him from the Czarina—that he will have to live apart, only seeing Her Majesty at meals, and that on condition that only Russian is spoken. Tea, too, may be taken together, but in the presence of an officer, as no servants are present.

A little later the Czarina came up to me in a great state of agitation, and said:

“To think of his acting like this to the Czar, playing this low trick after his self-sacrifice and his abdication to avoid civil war; how mean, how despicable! The Czar would not have had a single Russian shed his blood for him. He has always been ready to renounce all when he knew that it was for the good of Russia.”

Age: 38
Lives in: Tsarskoye Selo, Russian Empire
Nickname: Gilik
Occupation: French language tutor


in Petrograd
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