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Project 1917 is a series of events that took place a hundred years ago as described by those involved. It is composed only of diaries, letters, memoirs, newspapers and other documents

I was sitting in the room next to the Tsar’s study, giving last orders and waiting for the train to arrive. I heard one of the kids - Alexey, apparently - running loudly in the hall. For the first time I saw the former Empress just as a mother, anxious and crying. See more

My dear martyr, I cannot write, my heart is too full, I love you, we love you, thank you and bless you, and admire you—we kiss the wound on your forehead and your eyes full of suffering. See more

I wrote to the Empress, congratulating her on the upcoming birthday of Aleksey Nikolaevich and informing her of my recovery from my illness and my immediate readiness to take up my former duties.

During the night it rained, and the day was considerably fresher. During the day we worked on the small path; we cut down and sawed up two small fir trees. Alix sat with us in the forest. After dinner, the Benckendorf couple visited us. During the evening The Luck of the Vails.

As I approached the Palace I became sensible of an eerie change, both in it and in its immediate surroundings. I stopped to consider in what the change consisted. Then knowledge dawned upon me. Tsarkoe was a dead place. Its windows were almost hidden by the straggling branches of the undipped trees, grass grew between the stones of its silent courtyard, and I instantly likened it to a famous Russian picture, “Le Chateau Oublie.” It was indeed a forgotten castle! See more

To my indescribable joy, after four months of melancholy waiting, I at last received a whole package of wonderful letters from my beloved Alix. When I saw the familiar handwriting I felt as if I had come back to life and become a new person. I imagined what pleasure I would experience over the next few days as I read the letters.

The rain had stopped before my morning walk, and at 3 o'clock the weather cleared up. Until dinner I gave Alexis a history lesson. We worked In the park, and Alix was there sitting in her chair. I finished Julian; I liked it. See more

It was a hot, clear day. I took a long walk in the morning. I gave Alexis a geography lesson. Alix remained home. We chopped down and sawed up trees in the same place as before. We knocked over a large fir tree near the small path. I took a refreshing bath until tea time. We walked before dinner. See more

Dear MarieThird daughter of Nicholas II today is 18 years old. During the morning I took a walk with all the children; we went all around the park. The weather was wonderful. At 12 o'clock we went to prayer services. During the day Alix came out with us. We worked in the park for a while. We chopped down three large trees. See more

Three months have gone by already!! The people were promised that there would be more food and fuel, but everything is worse and more expensive. They have been deceived, and I pity them. How we tried to help them, but now they are done for…

The Empress sent me a nice note and a picture with her blessings and well wishes. It was very thoughtful. She wrote in Russian as the commandant does not understand English. They eat their radish and think it’s wonderful: the fruits of their labour.

Anastasia turned 16 today. How quickly time flies… I am dwelling upon the past. I must think of everything more calmly. What is there to do? If the Lord sends us such hardships, then he clearly believes we are prepared to meet them. They are a test in their own way—we need to show that we have not passed through them in vain. See more

Dear Tatiana turned 20 years old. I walked to Mass with Tatiana, Marie and Anastasia. Korovichenko was one of the officers of the army guards. The weather had become lovely. During the day we went out for two hours. I went with the children to work in the forest. See more

turns 45

His Majesty came to see me with Alexei and Tatiana. They were very sweet. The Empress also said that she would return after five o’clock tea. I hugged the Emperor several times, and he kept kissing my hand... my heart was breaking. It’s the state of the army which aggrieves the Emperor above all; he doesn’t understand an army without discipline. The Emperor came later and spent two hours with me. See more

Age: 45
Lives in: Alexander Palace, Tsarskoye Selo, Russian Empire
Nickname: Alix
Title: Empress of Russia
Married to


in Petrograd
in Moscow