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Project 1917 is a series of events that took place a hundred years ago as described by those involved. It is composed only of diaries, letters, memoirs, newspapers and other documents

Meanwhile our life gradually settled down along definite lines, and by mobilising all our resources we managed to resume the education of the Czarevitch and two youngest Grand-Duchesses. The lessons began at nine o'clock, and were broken off from eleven to twelve for a walk, which was always shared by the Czar. See more

This morning, Alesha came by. I spent part of the day in an armchair and part of it in bed. The officer on duty is stationed toward the fore of the house, and a pair of sentinels stand by the front doors. Now this is how one should guard dangerous criminals! See more

It was a wonderful day — in the shade 19 degrees and on the balcony 36 degrees. Alexis's arm hurt. During the morning we spent an hour in the garden and during the afternoon two hours. Yesterday I began to read L'ile enchantée. During the evening we played dominoes, Alix, Tatiana, Botkin, and I. During tea time, a large thunderstorm came up. It was a moonlit night.

Alexis only slept a little. During the night he moved in with Alix. His ear was better, and his arm only ached a little now and then. MarieThird daughter of Nicholas II is better. The day became quiet. All morning I walked around the deck. See more

The weather became nice and warm. During the morning as always a train of people came into town. MarieThird daughter of Nicholas II had a fever and Alexis left arm hurt a little. Until lunch I spent all my time and pleasure talking in the sunshine. At 2:30 our ship went to the other side of the river and was laying in a supply of wood, and we went for a walk. See more

I spent the morning in the garden, where I met with some officers. All of them were mad with rage and spoke openly of restoring the monarchy in the person of Aleksey Nikolaevich. I advised them to be careful with their tongues.

On board the ship “Rus’”, on the river. I spent all day in bed, a sign of the heart. At around 10 o’clock we ran aground for ¾ of an hour on a sandbar. We stopped three times, to load up on firewood and milk and food for the soldiers. Aleksey and Tatyana gathered flowers on the bank of the river, the bank opposite Pokrovskoye.

The train went almost to the pier, so that we only had to get off and go down to the ship. Our ship was called "Rus." They began the transfer of our things and it continued all night. Poor Alexis was again resting, God knows how. The pounding and uproar lasted all night and almost overcame me. They left Tiumen about six o'clock.

I was sitting in the room next to the Tsar’s study, giving last orders and waiting for the train to arrive. I heard one of the kids - Alexey, apparently - running loudly in the hall. For the first time I saw the former Empress just as a mother, anxious and crying. See more

Today our dear Alexis turned 13 years old. May God give him health, patience, strength of spirit and body in the coming difficult times. We went to Mass and after lunch to the service in which they presented the image of the Virgin. Somehow it was especially warm to offer prayers to Her Holy Image together with all our dear people. See more

I wrote to the Empress, congratulating her on the upcoming birthday of Aleksey Nikolaevich and informing her of my recovery from my illness and my immediate readiness to take up my former duties.

Age: 13
Lives in: Alexander Palace, Tsarskoye Selo, Russian Empire
Rank: Lance-corporal
Ataman of all Cossack Troops
Nickname: Baby


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