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Project 1917 is a series of events that took place a hundred years ago as described by those involved. It is composed only of diaries, letters, memoirs, newspapers and other documents

Дорогая нежно любящая Анастасия. Крепко буду молиться за тебя и Марию. С Богом все пройдет. Терпи и молись. Крепко целую тебя и Машку. Будь Богом хранима! Твой Алексей

It began to thaw. In the morning Beckendorf and Apraksin were with us; as they left they said goodbye. At 11:00 we went to Mass, Alix got up today. Olga and Tatiana are much better today, but Marie and Anastasia are worse. They have headaches and earaches and are vomiting, I took a short walk and worked in the garden for a while with Dolgorukov. After tea I continued to put my papers in order. In the evening we all gathered together. 

Burned letters together with Lily. Dined with Nicholas, Alexei and Olga in the playing room. Went to Annushka’s and spent some time there together with everyone else. The commandant reads all our correspondence, while all our parcels undergo thorough checks, along with everything else.

You know, Aleksei Nikolaevich, your father no longer wants to be the Emperor.

My darling Papa, dearest one. I am sitting in a darkened room with Olga and Tatyana. They send you big kisses, they are lying down and not doing anything in particular. They both have a slight temperature. I have not been in to see Alexei, as he was still asleep. Maria and I are still well, and sitting with everybody in turn. I wonder when I will fall ill and which of us will fall ill first - myself or Maria?!

I love you terribly and send you big hugs and kisses! God bless you.

We have 2 in the infirmary. There was an operation, the re-amputation of a foot. After 5 o’clock we returned for tea. Alexey, thank God, is better. He’s not in pain. I stayed up with Shvybzik [Anastasia] again until 10 reading the papers. Mama doesn’t seem to mind. They’re all absorbed with Papa by a puzzle.

Alexei had ½ a syringe of morphine injected and has been sleeping since 6 o’clock.

The boy has fallen ill - a new worry for the Empress! The weather is very good these days. I’ll take a carriage for some fresh air.

Buried myself in magazines again. At 2.30 went for a walk with Father. Six degrees of frost. Aleksey is still bedridden. He feels very poorly. At 6 I went to see Anna, and until 7.45 we sat very comfortably by the fire. Mother is very tired.

Age: 12
Lives in: Alexander Palace, Tsarskoye Selo, Russian Empire
Rank: lance-corporal
Ataman of all Cossack Troops
Nickname: Baby


in Petrograd
in Moscow