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Project 1917 is a series of events that took place a hundred years ago as described by those involved. It is composed only of diaries, letters, memoirs, newspapers and other documents

No one knows why we are under arrest, and, of course, no charges were, nor for that matter could have been, filed. Where is the guarantee that this will not happen again. Koz’min is making a very good impression: ideological, modest and intelligent.

I’m a monarchist, but alas, now I am but a monarchist ideologue, because I have no candidates. Who? Nicholas Nicholas II? A sickly heir and the regency of Alexandra Feodorovna – a woman, whose name I cannot hear without wincing? Mikhail Alexandrovich, the man who openly declared that he is waiting for the decision of the Constituent Assembly? Who? Tell me, for I do not know of anybody suitable. Kere 

Captain Koz’min has visited us at 3.30. I asked him to tell Kerensky to remove the arrest.

Spent all day on the sofa in my study. Only had four glasses of milk with Vichy today. Pain has gone. "Novoe vremya" is out, it was closed from September 10th.

This morning, Alesha came by. I spent part of the day in an armchair and part of it in bed. The officer on duty is stationed toward the fore of the house, and a pair of sentinels stand by the front doors. Now this is how one should guard dangerous criminals! See more

The palace commandant came for me at noon, and together we went to Alexandrovsky palace. We left by the kitchen and through a basement walked to the palace, the fourth entrance, and Niki’s ante-chamber. From there I entered the cabinet, where I met with Niki, in the presence of Kerensky and an ensign in charge of guard duty. See more

Terrible intelligence comes from the front; Tarnopol has fallen without a shot, most regiments surrendered, 12 of them have deserted.

It's become quiet for now in Petrograd. Misfortunes are still happening at the South-Western front.

The success of the Bolsheviks begins to decrease; the people begin to understand that they are working for the benefit of the Germans and their money.

After lunch we went to the cinema—“The Vampires.”

In Petrograd they are restoring order, only about 1000 people were hurt, counting women and children, the Cossacks had 20 killed and 70 wounded.  

Since yesterday there are disturbances in Petrograd—there are many Bolsheviks, more than 6 thousand sailors came from Kronstadt, there are still some units on the side of the government that will protect it. A lot are hurt, around 500.

I received a postcard from Ai-Topor from Mum.

We set out for church. A disgusting red flag fluttered atop the palace tower; word was going around that residents had called for the double-headed eagle to be taken down from the dome, but this action was forestalled. Enormous numbers of deer have been shot in the Menagerie over the last few days, with soldiers from various units taking part in the slaughter of the poor animals. Yesterday, these hunters were rounded up, putting an end, thank God, to this slaughter and hooliganism.

Michael came to see me and we discussed the idea of poor Nicky coming to England.

A heavy burden has been placed on me by the will of my brother, who has transferred to me the Imperial Throne of all the Russias, at this time of unprecedented hostilities and civil disturbances. See more