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Project 1917 is a series of events that took place a hundred years ago as described by those involved. It is composed only of diaries, letters, memoirs, newspapers and other documents

In the evening Gutchkov and Shulgin arrived from Petrograd, and after talking to them, I handed over the signed and recopied manifesto. I left Pskov at one o'clock at night, with a heavy heart. All around is betrayal, cowardice and deceit!

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All my thoughts are with you in these unforgettable days of happiness, which our beloved and liberated Russia is going through. Send a telegram of your news.

This is a palace coup instigated by English and French diplomats to frustrate the Czar’s attempts to secure peace with Germany, this is not a revolution of the people who seek peace and rights for themselves.

Beloved, precious Light of my Life, 
Grammatin and Soloviev are going off with 2 letters hoping that at least they can reach you to bring you and get news. 
It's more than maddening not being together - but souls and hearts are more than ever - nothing can tear us apart, though they just wish this, that is why they won't let you see me until you have signed a paper of theirs - responsible ministers or Constitution. See more

I fear Alicky is the cause of it all and Nicky has been weak.

The Empress implored the Tsar to wear Rasputin’s cross, “even if it is uncomfortable, for the sake of my peace of mind”. That was the last letter.

RuzskyOne of generals of the Russian army. came in the morning and read me his long telephone conversation with Rodzianko. In his words, the situation in Petrograd is such, that at present a min­istry from the Duma is powerless to do anything, because they are opposed by the social democrat party in the guise of the workers' committee. See more

Adjutant-General Alexeev has informed me of the unprecedented and fatal situation and has asked me to support his view, that a victorious end to the war, so vital for the well-being and future of Russia, as well as salvation of the dynasty, requires extraordinary measures. As a loyal subject, I feel it my necessary duty of allegiance, and in the spirit of my oath, to beg Your Imperial Majesty on my knees to save Russia and your heir, being aware of your sacred feelings of love for Russia and for him. Make the sign of the cross and HAND OVER TO HIM YOUR HERITAGE. THERE IS NO OTHER WAY. I ardently pray god as never before in my life to sustain and guide you.

No one shall be punished outside of the law. All will be judged openly by their peers. My comrade soldiers and citizens - all proceedings of the new government will be published uncensored. See more

We here in Zurich are in a state of agitation today: there is a telegram in Zürcher Post and in Neue Zürcher Zeitung of March 15 that in Russia the revolution was victorious in Petrograd on March 14 after three days of struggle, that 12 members of the Duma are in power and the ministers have all been arrested

If the Germans are not lying, then it’s true. 

That Russia has for the last few days been on the eve of revolution is beyond doubt. 

I am beside myself that I cannot go to Scandinavia!! I will not forgive myself for not risking the journey in 1915!

Best greetings. 


Ilyich has not slept for days. This night he said: “You know, I can go with a passport of a mute Swede”. I laughed. “It is not going to work; you might start speaking in your sleep. If you dream of cadets, you will start mumbling: bastards, bastards. Everyone will find out that you are not a Swede.” In any case, the plan of travelling with a passport of some mute Swede was more realistic than flying over in some aeroplane. Ilyich wrote about his plan to Ganetsky in Sweden.

We arrived into Pskov. On the train station I was greeted by some colonel who asked me to proceed into the sovereign’s train car. I wanted to first meet general Ruzskiy to get a sense of the sentiment in Pskov. Me and Shulgin proceeded to the Czar’s train car.

At 10 o’clock in the evening we arrived. The train stopped. We went onto the platform. Bluish lanterns illuminated the rails. A few tracks down stood an illuminated train… We entered the railway carriage. It was a big dining carriage. Green silk on the walls. Several tables. The Emperor appeared in the doorway. He greeted us with an outstretched hand. Guchkov began to speak. He was very worried. See more

In these days of terrible struggle against the foreign enemy who has been trying for three years to impose his will upon Our Fatherland, God has willed that Russia should be faced with a new and formidable trial. Troubles at home threaten to have a fatal effect on the ultimate course of this hard-fought war. The destinies of Russia, the honour of Our heroic army, the welfare of the nation and the whole future of our dear country require that the war shall be continued, cost what it may, to a victorious end. See more

Has abdicated from the throne

Thank you to the Petrogradians, they’ve made the Germans happy. Those wretched home-fronters who can’t get by without their comforts.


in Petrograd
in Moscow