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Project 1917 is a series of events that took place a hundred years ago as described by those involved. It is composed only of diaries, letters, memoirs, newspapers and other documents

У меня мало доверия к такту и осторожности монархической партии. В Киеве несколько офицеров вошли во время обедни в церковь и заставили священника поминать государя Алексея Николаевича. К чему такое ребячество? Оно может только раздражить и возбудить страсти. Это, мне кажется, недостаточно серьезно; не чувствуется ни сплоченности, ни согласия. Положение отчаянное. Идет разложение России, все области, входящие в состав империи, начинают от нее отделяться. Украинское движение мне кажется очень угрожающим.

Newspapers report a safe arrival in Tobolsk on Saturday. What a horrible hole this must be! If only they were safe there.

I spent the morning in the garden, where I met with some officers. All of them were mad with rage and spoke openly of restoring the monarchy in the person of Aleksey Nikolaevich. I advised them to be careful with their tongues.

They are currently sailing out on the ship from Tyumen. Tobolosk is 300 versts from the railway, and in winter can only be reached on horseback. Kerensky puts on airs of rudeness in the presence of the soldiers’ and workers’ deputies, but alone with the royal couple he is respectful and even addresses them by their titles.

I cried all morning. They were taken away! And how difficult it was! They had to wait until six in the morning, packed and ready to go! See more

How awfully sad: they will be taken away tonight. I asked for permission to say goodbye - it was not granted! I think they are going to Tobolsk, but no one knows anything, and everyone keeps silent.

I wrote to the Empress, congratulating her on the upcoming birthday of Aleksey Nikolaevich and informing her of my recovery from my illness and my immediate readiness to take up my former duties.

The weather is marvelous and very hot. I was in the garden talking with one officer. All of them unanimously affirm that if the Emperor had not hurried to sign a renunciation, nothing would have happened. The troops were amazed, when they found out about his decision.

I had a little walk in the church garden and then went into church, which is always unlocked, and prayed for Russia, for them and for us all.

The Germans are already in Kiev and in Pskov. I suspect that they will take Petrograd. Instead of acting and giving all the power to Kerensky and KornilovCommander in Chief of the Petrograd command - from 18 March 1917, they are exhausting their energy in conversations, while evil strengthens. See more

I was in the garden, and encountered Kerensky. He approached me and informed me that he’d resigned, loath to serve as a smokescreen for parties of which he doesn’t approve.  He wants to have power and freedom of action. See more

A while ago Kerensky told the Emperor that they can't stay at Tsarskoye selo any longer. They discussed potential exile destinations and agreed on Crimea. The Emperor was very happy with this choice and his family started packing their bags when suddenly a new order came in: they were expected to pack furs and warm clothes. See more

Princess Paley told me that a usually well-informed Englishman told them that the inhabitants of the Aleksandrov Palace were taken to Tobolsk on Thursday night! I vehemently objected to it, but these rumours prove that this idea is in the air. See more

I was in the garden today. I walked for an hour with a great deal of effort, resting on every bench. I am very tired, but I feel healthier. The news has been more calming than usual: there has been a push to form a ministry with the cadets, who have shifted rightward. See more

Terrible news from the front: the army has melted away completely. In the very heat of battle soldiers begin to question whether their officers are really worth following, often resulting in their taking off and leaving their comrades in greater danger. See more

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