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Age: 61
Occupation: philosopher, politician, journalist, writer, historian

Project 1917 is a series of events that took place a hundred years ago as described by those involved. It is composed only of diaries, letters, memoirs, newspapers and other documents

Kerensky, the Cadets, Breshkovskaya, Plekhanov and similar politicians are conscious or unconscious tools in the hands of Anglo-French imperialism, as six months’ history of the Russian revolution has proved in full.

If the reader remembers the speech which A.F. Kerensky gave to end the Moscow meeting and compares it with the part of the updated government’s declaration about the war question, then he will have to admit that indeed, ‘the times are changing, and we are stuck in the former.’ See more

“Den’” says that the fool won. Probably. Lenin won. But Lenin is not a fool at all. See more

Kerensky is revealing himself more and more as a Bonapartist. He was considered a Socialist-Revolutionary. Now we know that he is not merely a "March" Socialist-Revolutionary who ran over to them from the Trudoviks "for advertising purposes". See more

The world proletarian revolution is clearly maturing. The question of its relation to the state is acquiring practical importance. The elements of opportunism that accumulated over the decades of comparatively peaceful development have given rise to the trend of social-chauvinism which dominated the official socialist parties throughout the world. See more

at a State meeting

Also attending: Kerensky, Catherine Breshkovsky, KornilovCommander in Chief of the Petrograd command - from 18 March 1917, Nekrasov, Lvov, Rodzianko, Tsereteli, Guchkov, Plekhanov, Trubetskoy and others

You see, to this day I have always thought that most of Russia was populated by Russians – Slavs.  I had thought that the dominant type here was Slavic, the “Novgorod” type, roughly speaking. That is to say – tall, mainly long-headed, (dolichocephalic), with fair hair.  But what do I see when I look at all the workers, peasants and soldiers’ deputies in all the Russian, Petersburg and other Soviets? See more

I’m not a fan of Plekhanov, and his ideas are alien to me. But now I feel a great deal of respect for him and he touches me. He could be the most popular and glorified man in Russia, he is the long-time leader of Russian Social Democracy. To achieve this he would have had to become just a bit of a demagogue, to embark on the path of flattery and indulgence to mass instincts.

The Ukrainian movement is becoming something that promises great tribulations to the Russian state. Needless to say, it is deeply tragic. Every print outlet in our country is blunt about it, regardless of its affiliation. But one needs to be fair. Not only the Central Rada is responsible for what is happening right now in Little Russia. See more

Unfortunately, far from all of the speeches currently being made at the All-Russia Conference of Soviets of Workers’ and Soldiers’ Deputies can be called intelligent. Lenin and his associates seem to have lost all their capacity for reason. Our well-known founder of a new religion, Father Anatoly Lunacharsky, has suffered the same loss. See more

The first All-Russian Conference of Soviets in the Cadet School of the Vasilyevsky District. We, the Bolshevik-Internationalists, made our presence known with a firm line of speeches… In the first rows of the auditorium I noticed Plekhanov. His hair has turned grey. He is not with us, he is an Oboronets. See more

And still, the thought of taking away estates without compensation is quite objectionable. Imagine a large-scale landowner. As the owner of such a large quantity of land, he is a rich man. But he is rich only so long as no one takes away that land. As soon as the land is seized without compensation, he will become destitute. See more

On the third day of a dispute at the pipe factory, Pravda supporters grew so embittered with their opponents that they were about to throw the Socialist Revolutionary Kapanitsky into a furnace. Then, they abandoned this humane plan for another – they decided to take Kapanitsky off in a cart and drown him in the river. Luckily, he was freed by other workers. The clash resulted in some casualties.

What is fraternization like on the front? A German pike swims up to a Russian carp, and under the guise of fraternization, it wheedles out our military secrets and takes a peek at our positions to make them easier to seize later on.

It wasn’t long ago that we considered ourselves to be the faithful servants of the Russian Tsar. Now that there is no Tsar, we are not servants - we are free citizens. The title of “citizen”, which we have earned as a result of a long and bitter fight at the cost of countless casualties, has given us immense rights, but it has also bestowed upon us more responsibilities. See more