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Project 1917 is a series of events that took place a hundred years ago as described by those involved. It is composed only of diaries, letters, memoirs, newspapers and other documents

It was a clear, warm day. After my walk I gave Alexis a geography lesson. We went out into the garden at 2:15. I worked all the time with the others in the vegetable garden; Alexis and the girls planted various things in the beds which we had prepared. At 5 o'clock we returned home perspiring. After tea I read. At 7:00 I went out with Tatiana, Marie and Anastasia and went for a ride on the bicycle until 7:15. The evening went as always. 

It was in different surroundings that we celebrated the 21st anniversary of my coronation! The weather was 15 degrees in the shade. Until Mass I took a walk with Alexis. During the day from 2:00 until 4:30 we spent the time out in the garden; I went for a ride in the canoe, and in the boat; and I worked for a while in the vegetable garden, where I prepared the new beds, and later we were on the island. After tea and during the evening I read.

It was a nice sunny day, with a cool breeze. I took a walk for an hour with Alexis. During the day, we worked in the garden. I watched as they brought the canoe and the boat to our pond. Tatiana and Alexis helped, and we went for a boat ride. At 6:30 we went to vespers. During the evening I read the book Le parfum de la dame en noir, which I had started the 11th of May.

His Majesty came to see me with Alexei and Tatiana. They were very sweet. The Empress also said that she would return after five o’clock tea. I hugged the Emperor several times, and he kept kissing my hand... my heart was breaking. It’s the state of the army which aggrieves the Emperor above all; he doesn’t understand an army without discipline. The Emperor came later and spent two hours with me. See more

Many thought, probably the participants themselves, that with the disappearance of Rasputin everything would improve; the evil surrounding the throne would be removed, the malevolent forces on the Emperor would subside, Russia would finally breathe again, and the glory days would arrive. But oh, how everyone was mistaken.  Maybe some of it counted. But from that very moment, everything began to roll towards the fateful conclusion.

I took a walk with Alexis during the morning. We went to see if the work was finished on the grounds for our tennis court in its old place. Before lunch I gave Alexis a history lesson. At 2:30 we went out into the garden. I helped the others dig up the beds in the flower garden between the first and the fourth porches, and then I returned to the garden and continued to work on our vegetable garden. The weather became cloudy and cool. In the morning we rode in the hospital car to the large palace of E. A. Naryshkin, at his request, to see some of our relatives.

It was a nice light day. I took a short walk until Mass. After breakfast I went with Alix to visit E. A. Naryshkin, who apparently had pneumonia. We worked in the vegetable garden and perspired a lot. I read until 7:15 and then for the first time I went for a ride with the children on bicycles. It was very pleasant to get out and breathe the evening air.

It was a nice warm day. I spent an hour out in the air with Alexis, but afterwards I gave him a history lesson. During the day everyone was out in the garden. We worked on the vegetable garden and began to plant some things. At 6:30 vespers were held. I finished the French book. 

In the morning during the course of an hour they explained in succession that the children were a few hours distant from the town; then, that they had arrived at the station; then, that they had arrived at home, although their train had been here for almost two hoursIt was a great joy to see them again and embrace them after four weeks of separation and uneasiness. There was no end to our mutual questions and answers. Very few letters had passed between us. They had suffered a lot, poor things, in their stay at Tobolsk and during the course of their three-day Journey. During the night snow fell and it stayed on the ground all day. Of all those who had arrived with them, they [the guards] admitted only the cook Kharitonov and the nephew of Sednev. During the day we went out for twenty minutes into the garden; it was cold and terribly muddy. We waited until night for them to bring the bed and the necessary things from the railway station, but it was in vain, and all the girls had to sleep on the floor. Alexis spent the night on Marie's cot. In the evening, as if on purpose, he injured his knee, and all night suffered a lot and prevented us from sleeping. 

It was a very nice sunny day. I took a walk for almost an hour with Alexis. During the day we again worked on the vegetable garden; to dig up the beds was difficult because of the dampness of the soil after the snow. I read Kuropatkinsky book with interest until dinner and during the evening a French book aloud to the girls.

During the morning everyone went out into the fresh snow. A cold wind was blowing and it was unpleasant to walk in. From 12 o'clock on, I gave a geography lesson to Alexis. At 2 o'clock the sun came out; it got warm and quiet. I took a walk with the girls and sat with them on the island. I saw the commander of Tsarskoe Selo, Colonel Kobylinsky, who took a walk with the Palace.Commander, Lt. Colonel Korovichenko, and me. The evening went as usual.

It was cold, windy weather with snowy squalls. But we went to Mass. I took a walk during the day with Tatiana and Anastasia, while Alexis played on the island. Until and after tea, I read to my heart's content. Towards evening the weather finally turned like winter. Snow fell and the temperature was 2 degrees below frost.

turns 49

На самом деле 49 лет.I could not even send a telegram. There was no service! Lunched with everyone in another house, then wandered a little bit around my own. I do not want anything. Lunch and evening passed as always.

I turned 49 years old, I do not have long to go until 50. My thoughts were particularly on dear Mama. It is difficult to not even be able to write. I do not know anything about her other than what I read in the stupid and offensive state newspapers. The day went like Sunday; Mass, breakfast upstairs, the puzzle. We all worked in the vegetable garden; we began to dig up the flower beds; after;tea vespers were served, dinner and evening reading — it is much better with my dear family than ordinarily. 

After my morning walk I gave Alexis a history lesson. His arm had quit hurting, and he got up after breakfast. We continued to work in the garden; Alix went outside for an hour. At 6:30 we all went to vespers. Until dinner I received presents. I read to the girls aloud.

The weather remained overcast and rainy. The lighting in the rooms was poor, and the boredom in the rooms was incredible. While playing with Marie I regularly won at backgammon. It is really like a poor bezik. I walked for an hour and. a half during the day. We had to wait for dinner from eight to nine o'clock. The electric lighting is fixed in the dining room, but in the hall it is not yet fixed. 

The weather became clear but cool. Alexises arm didn't hurt any longer, but he stayed in bed all day and didn't do anything. After my morning walk I read for a long time. During the day everyone again worked in the garden. During the evening I read aloud a book in French, Le mystere de la chambre jaune.

Alexis's arm hurt, and he stayed in bed all day. From morning to evening it rained; this was very good for the appearing vegetables. I took a short walk in the morning and during the day with Marie and Anastasia. I read for a long time. During the evening I finished the English book aloud. 

It was a warm, overcast day. I took a walk for a while. I finished reading the book by Kasso, Russia in the Duma, and I started reading the many-volumed composition by Kuropatkin called Problems of the Russian Army. The evening went as usual.

Age: 49
Lives in: Alexander Palace, Tsarskoye Selo, Russian Empire
Title: Emperor of All the Russias, King of Poland and Grand Duke of Finland
Rank: Colonel
Nickname: Nicky


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