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Project 1917 is a series of events that took place a hundred years ago as described by those involved. It is composed only of diaries, letters, memoirs, newspapers and other documents

I took a walk in the morning with Marie, Valya, and the guard from the 3rd Infantry Regiment. There was a drizzling rain. At 2 o'clock the weather cleared up, but it was windy. We worked near where we were before, only along the small path. During the evening we glued photographs from our "Life Under Arrest" into our album.

In part, the overwhelming number of troops remained loyal to the government and took to the streets to support it. The weather was wonderful. I took a long walk with Tatiana and Valya. Zaring the day we worked with some success in the forest chopping and sawing up four fir trees. During the evening I read.

All morning it rained, but at 2 o'clock the weather cleared up; by evening it had become cool. The day went as usual. In Petrograd, these days, there is much confusion and gunfire. Yesterday a lot of soldiers and sailors from Kronstadt started to go against the Kerensky government. See more

I began to read, for the third time, Peter by Merezhkovsky. During the morning I took a walk in the warm rain. During the day we worked and finished cutting up the pine tree. During the evening it rained again.

It was a warm, windy and cloudy day; but it only rained during dinner. During the morning I walked, and during the day we cut down a large pine tree by the railing. All four children got haircuts, and they look as if they belong in a choir.

When I was leaving the capital, trucks began flashing by on Petrograd streets, full of unknown armed people. Some were driving around the barracks, calling soldiers to join the armed revolt that was expected at any moment. One gang infiltrated the yard of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and broke into the first floor, where the office of Duke Lvov was located, which I have just left. See more

It was a very warm, overcast day. I got up late and read until dinner time. At 2 o'clock we went into the garden. At first I walked around the park with Tatiana and Anastasia and then cut up the same tree we were working on near the summer house. We cut down some dead and rotten bushes. During that time the others were finishing mowing the lawn and the garden. Until dinner time I read and finished Leonardo. After dinner Alexis ran the cinematograph [movie projector] and did a good job. During the evening I began to read L'homme a l'oreille cassée. 

The day became excellent. I walked around the whole park while the children cut hay and played in the haystacks. We worked during the day in the garden. We came across some dry trees and fallen timber from the storm of 1914, hidden in the bushes and high grass. See more

It was a nice day, with a lot of smoke from burning peat. During the walk I went with Valya to the Chinese theater. I gave Alexis a history lesson. We worked in the same place as before. We chopped down three trees. Towards night we set all the clocks one hour ahead.

It became a nice day. At 11 o'clock we went to Mass. Alexis stood at the altar. We took a walk from 2 o'clock until 4:30. We worked at the same place as yesterday and finished yesterday's fir and cut down a new one. I went for a ride with Tatiana in the canoe. Until tea time I took a bath, and before dinner we went into the garden.

Yesterday we lost 3,000 troops and about 30 vehicles. Word of God! The weather became cloudy and warm. After my walk I gave a history lesson to Alexis. We worked out there again and cut down three fir trees. After tea and until dinner I read.

I forgot to mention on the 26th. of June that our army broke a new gap and seized 131 officers, 7,000 men and 48 vehicles; among them there were some heavy vehicles. All the children came out in order to collect the cut grass. I took my usual walk. During the day we worked in the same place as yesterday. See more

The day became splendid. Our good regiment commander, Kobylinsky, asked me not to wave at the officers and not to greet the infantrymen. Before this, there have been times when they have not answered.gave Alexis a geography lesson. We cut up a huge fir tree not far from the railing behind the greenhouse. The guards wanted to help us with our work. During the evening I finished reading Le comte de Monte Christo.

During the morning I went outside with Alexis. The weather was cold. We went to iVlass. We went for a walk until 2 o'clock. We were drenched by a short rainstorm. We cut down and sawed up a small fir tree. We watched as our people cut the grass. We sat in the garden a while and then returned home. I read aloud until dinner time.

It was a rainy day and slightly cold. During the morning I didn't go outside. At 3 o'clock I went for a walk with the children around the park accompanied by an infantry man of the Third Regiment, Some of them, along with our people, cut the grass by the walk. At 6:30 we went to vespers. During the evening I read aloud. 

Age: 49
Lives in: Alexander Palace, Tsarskoye Selo, Russian Empire
Title: Emperor of All the Russias, King of Poland and Grand Duke of Finland
Rank: Colonel
Nickname: Nicky


in Petrograd
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