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Project 1917 is a series of events that took place a hundred years ago as described by those involved. It is composed only of diaries, letters, memoirs, newspapers and other documents

The Empress has aged and become very thin these past few days. She's been sitting in complete silence and no one has dared touch upon recent events.

Burned letters together with Lily. Dined with Nicholas, Alexei and Olga in the playing room. Went to Annushka’s and spent some time there together with everyone else. The commandant reads all our correspondence, while all our parcels undergo thorough checks, along with everything else.

From this moment all in the palace are considered in a state of quarantine, and contact with the outside world is forbidden.

I have burnt the letters I received from Lili Dehn. I sat today with Anya.

Sweet, beloved Treasure.

What relief and joy it was to hear your precious voice only one heard so badly and one listens now to all our conversations. This morning only read the manifest and later another from M. People are beside themselves with misery and adoration for my Angel. A movement is beginning amongst the troops. Fear nothing from Sunny, she does not move -- does not exist. Only I feel and foresee glorious sunshine ahead. See more

Beloved, soul of my soul, my own wee one, ah, how my heart bleeding for you. Love, my Love – it will go well, it must and I don’t waver in my faith. Sweet Angel, oh, me loves you so -- always together, night and day – I feel what you are going through -- and your poor heart. God have mercy, give you strength and wisdom. He won't forsake you. He will help, recompense this mad suffering and separation at such a time when one needs being together.  See more

Beloved, precious Light of my Life, 
Grammatin and Soloviev are going off with 2 letters hoping that at least they can reach you to bring you and get news. 
It's more than maddening not being together - but souls and hearts are more than ever - nothing can tear us apart, though they just wish this, that is why they won't let you see me until you have signed a paper of theirs - responsible ministers or Constitution. See more

I fear Alicky is the cause of it all and Nicky has been weak.

There are absolutely no messages from St. Petersburg. This is very unpleasant. The Duma is closed, I wonder why. They say that this is definitely her! Another terrible mistake in such a moment! You truly have to be mad to assume such responsibility.

Thanks for the news. Am glad everything is all right with you. Hope to be at home tomorrow morning. Embracing you and the children. God save you.

-9°C. I had lunch upstairs with Lily. Horrible things are happening in St Petersburg. Revolution.

My own Treasure,
Tender thanks for your dear letter. This will be my last one. How happy I am at the thought of meeting you in two days. I had much to do & therefore my letter is short. See more

Many thanks letter. Leave tomorrow 2.30. Guard cavalry from nov ordered at once for town. God grant vicissim (disarders). Troops shall soon be stopped. Always near you. Tender love to all.

The sun shines so brightly and I felt such peace and tranquility next to his precious grave! He died to save us.

Told much about the disorders in town (I think over 200,000 people) -- find that one does not keep good order. But I wrote all this yesterday, forgive me, I am foolish. But one ought to arrange card system for bread (as in every country now) as one has it for sugar some time and all are quiet and got enough. Our people are idiots. See more

Loving thanks dear letter. Also Anastasia. And news. Glad they dont feel bad. Tenderest love to all.

Loving thanks telegram. Shall leave callidus. Have settled all necessary questions here. Sleep well. God bless you.

My precious, darling treasure! The strikes and disturbances in the city are beyond provocative. It is a campaign of hooliganism  – little boys and girls running about shouting they have no bread, simply in order to create excitement; workers stopping others from doing their work. If the weather were very cold, they would all probably be sitting at home. But it will all pass and settle down, as long as the Duma behaves itself.

Tender thanks dear letter. Marie also. Thought never leave you. Cold, windy, rather grey weather. Send you and invalids my fondest love.

My precious! Yesterday there were disturbances on Vasilievsky Island and on Nevsky Prospect, because the poor tried to storm the baker’s shops.

May God bless you and keep you. I send countless kisses from your warmly devoted and passionately loving dear old Wifey.

Best thanks two wires. Please do not overwork yourself running between invalids. Train is late because of snowstorm. Cough less. Tenderest kisses to all.

Age: 44
Lives in: Alexander Palace, Tsarskoye Selo, Russian Empire
Nickname: Alix
Title: Empress of Russia


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