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Project 1917 is a series of events that took place a hundred years ago as described by those involved. It is composed only of diaries, letters, memoirs, newspapers and other documents

Easter is behind us! The day after tomorrow study begins! I was very sad to see the back of Easter; it wasn’t so fun this year.

Now I will write down everything, that we had on our table: we had veal, capon, eggs, four Easter cakes, a Russian cheesecake, two more cakes, sweets, salmon, two bottles of wine, one of grape juice, some fruits and, it seems, that was all.

✍    Also today

The day of our engagement (23 years).

One day I was visited by Semion Nicolaievitch Rogov, the balleto- mane and journalist, whom I knew well. He had been called up and drafted to the reserve battalion of the Kexholm Regiment, part of the Guard; he wore the uniform and mixed constantly with the soldiers. He was therefore perfectly informed on the state of mind prevailing in the barracks and on what went on there. See more

Lenin's theses were printed in Pravda. This was followed the next day by an article in Pravda by Kamenev "Our Disagreements," in which he dissociated himself from these theses. Kamenev's article stated that they were the expression of Lenin's private views, which neither Pravda nor the Bureau of the Central Committee shared. It was not these theses of Lenin's that the Bolshevik delegates had accepted, but those of the Central Committee Bureau, Kamenev alleged. Pravda stood on its former positions, he declared. See more

One day the Grand Duchess Tatiana and I saw from the window that one of the guards on duty in front of the Palace, struck evidently with the injustice of having to stand at his post, had brought a gilt armchair from the halls and had com- fortably ensconced himself therein, leaning back, enjoying the view, with his rifle across his knee. I remarked that the man only wanted cushions to complete the picture. There was evidently telepathy in my eye, for when we looked out again, he had actually got some sofa cushions out of one of the rooms, and, with a footstool under his feet, was reading the papers, his discarded rifle lying on the ground!

When Miliukov assured me that Lenin had been hopelessly discredited in the eyes of the Soviet by the extravagance of his "defeatism," he was once more the victim of an optimistic illusion. See more

We quietly celebrated our 23rd wedding anniversary. The weather became warm and spring-like. During the morning I walked for a long time with Alexis. I learned why yesterday's guards were so mean. They were completely from the staff of the Soldier's Soviet and had replaced the guards from the 4th Infantry Reserve Battalion, We worked near the dock under a warm sun and were watched by a large crowd. See more

Money, ammunition, and railway rolling stock are the primary necessities which Russia wants America to help her to obtain. “If America can help supply us with these, she will not only have added greatly to the services she already has extended to the Allies, but will materially help Russia to defeat Germany on the eastern front”, Russian Foreign Minister Paul N. Milukoff said.